Catty Eyed Dreamer!

Sapna Katti! Now I don’t know what I should write about this girl who I have never met. If I tell you exactly how we got introduced, it would sound as if I’m Shahrukh Khan. But let me tell you any way. It was June 2008 when I got my first fan mail. I was barely into a month of regular writing and a girl had already written to me, telling me how good my blog was. Frankly speaking this engineer who now works in an investment banking firm is a much better writer than me. Here’s Sapna Katti unplugged for you. Enjoy Season Two!

Your introduction on the blog page says that you are a 20 some thing computer science engineer working in a reputed investment banking firm in Bangalore. Is that it? Are you satisfied with your introduction? If not, how do you think your introduction should read?

What do I say? You’ve hit the nail on the head. At least of late I have received loads of feedback from people saying I don’t market myself. I have a very low score in terms of self promotion L. Guess this is where PR agencies spot a business opportunity 😉 . I like it better when my work speaks for me. In this case, my posts.

Rajnikanth or Shahrukh? Who would you choose and why? Also tell me one movie where you’d like to act opposite to them. (If none of their existing movies appeal you, please tell us the concept of a movie you’d make and then sign them as an actor.)

Of course Shahrukh… For two things one I have always been a huge fan of Shahrukh, two I don’t follow Rajnikant enough except when I am collecting Amazing Rajnikant Facts!!! 😛 And movie where I would like to act opposite Shahrukh- undoubtedly DDLJ- Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.  Do I need say why 🙂

Mumbai, they say, is a city of dreams. But most who come here end up losing their dream some where between Wadala and Churchgate or Andheri and Kurla. How was your experience with the city of dreams. Any odd situations for a single girl in a dangerous city?

Mumbai is a city of dreams, Maximum city, the Maya nagari… It is multi faceted and that exactly is the beauty of the city.  Most people loose their dream here but learn to make peace with life and more often than not struggle for existence takes a higher priority. As for me, I came to Mumbai because of my job.(Only partly out of choice, my options were Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata). Odd situations for a single girl- yes I have been there. I very well remember the day I was standing near Thane Station with my bag all alone, didn’t have a place to stay, didn’t know a single soul in Mumbai and didn’t know Mumbai either. But these experiences exactly have helped me grow and given me the confidence that now I can stay anywhere and overcome any difficult situations. And I love the city for that. I love the city for its energy and ‘never say die’ spirit, and the Marine drive and numerous other things that give Mumbai its unique flavor found nowhere else in the world. For me it will always be the magic city that keeps transforming itself and everything it touches.

I know one person who suffers from a multiple personality disorder. But I feel what he does is deliberate. He chooses to coexist in multiple forms as he wishes to. And yet he knows where he exists and which form he must take. The name of that person is ‘god’. Do you believe in him?

A person with beliefs in between that of a theist and an atheist is an agnostic. For me I keep oscillating between a theist and an agnostic. Don’t know if there is a term for that. God suffers from multiple personality disorder? Yes and no. I think he exists in that many forms. Like you mentioned he chooses to co exist in multiple forms. And I believe he exists in each one of us.  We are all a part of the eternal divinity.

Sapna, being an unmarried girl, I’m sure there must have been many people who asked you for marriage. Since you are still single, you must have rejected them. Can you narrate a funny experience here?

Hmm that is an interesting question. For a start, whole of this marriage proposal thing is funny (be it for an arranged marriage or a love marriage) :-D. On you mentioning that I am still single, I got reminded of this one occasion where I was speaking to somebody and on learning that I do not have boy friend as yet asked me If I was … well.. Straight and I didn’t know how to react. Never knew not having a boy friend would cost me so much… 😛

Thank you very much for your time. Would you like to recommend some one who I can interview here?

I am glad to be a part of this. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. One person whom you could interview is Mr. VJ (as he likes to call himself). I know you don’t know who VJ is. All our mutual friends have already been interviewed so I had to choose someone from outside the circle. Will send a mail introducing both of you shortly.

Sapna Katti! Now I don’t know what I should write about this girl who I have never met. If I tell you exactly how we got introduced, it would sound as if I’m Shahrukh Khan

Sapna Katti! Now I don’t know what I should write about this girl who I have never met. If I tell you exactly how we got introduced, it would sound as if I’m Shahrukh Khan

16 thoughts on “Catty Eyed Dreamer!

  1. I was actually waiting for this interview to go live! two of my fav ppl one the interviewer and the other interviewee.

    Definitely one of the most easy to be with friends and of course with a very soft-sweet voice! I wish I could have that too 😉

    PS: did you mention PR, Darling, when you got me around why go scouting for an agency. .. We will plan a PR strategy for your work to speak for you 🙂

    • Arrgh! Pal, spotting a business opportunity here as well? 🙂 By the way the single girl question applies to you too 😛

      PS: I’m assuming that ‘very soft sweet voice’ thing was for me. 😉

    • Thanks Pal. 🙂
      PR and Pallavi go hand in hand. Can’t think of one without thinking about other. You are the first person I will come to for a PR strategy and with your sweet nature and people network I know I can come to you for anything not just PR.

      @Mayur: Smart people never let opportunities go by 😉

  2. Thank for your valuable time Sapna. Coincidently, Raj Malhotra in DDLJ is also one of the 5 movie roles I’d love to play, if given a chance.

    By the way you didn’t tell us what you answered to that person. So are you… well… straight? 😛 Ha ha ha!

    • It is my pleasure to be here. 🙂
      You seem to have already played out the role of Raj Malhotra in you real life 😉
      Anyway I am curious to know what are the other 4 movie roles that you’d like to play in reel life.

      Now I know what should be first on my priority list: Find a Boyfriend 😛

  3. @ Mayur, Its not Business opportunity!! It is PR opportunity and that’s passion 🙂 🙂

    As for the question- will tell you offline, this platform is for Sappy to answer our questions… 🙂 here are mine

    I want to know about the ‘catty wild side’ 😉

    So Sappy being the single girl in a city 😉 what is the craziest thing you have done?

    And what is next on your list of ‘freaky yet must do things’?

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  5. @ Patty, she always has her phone with her, so think what else could be the reason for your calls going unanswered 🙂 😉

    @ Mayur & Sappy: What fun it will be to have you both play the lead roles in the remake of this film (any directors in the making reading this- please note: you have two aspiring actors-cum writers ready to act)

  6. Well thanks for asking Sapna. The other four roles in the order of preference are-
    2) Captain John H. Miller, a role played by Tom Hanks in the epic movie Saving Private Ryan.
    3) William Thacker, a role played by Hugh Grant in one of the most romantic movies of all times, Notting Hill.
    4) Abhay Deol’s characters in any or all of these movies Socha na tha (Viren Oberoi), Manorama six feet under (Satyaveer Randhawa) or Oy Lucky! Lucky Oye (Lucky). I know this will raise eyebrows. But I’m a great fan of Abhay’s acting skills.
    5) Lord Aragorn, a character played by Viggo Mortensen Jr. in the film trilogy Lord of the Rings!

  7. Mayur, Kudos! Beginning today, a follower for your lines. 🙂

    Cool questions and warm answers. 🙂 Brilliance of both of you! Hahah… 😀


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