Obama, India and Me!

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Barack Obama was all over today’s news papers, so much so that I struggled finding some other ‘news articles’ that made it to the pieces of white wood. I have no second thoughts on why Obama should be given all the importance he is getting. But I dont understand the purpose of his visit. For instance, more than half of his time in the first two days went interacting with students of St. Xavier’s College, dancing with students of Holy Name school, engaging in video conference with the Panchayat of a small village near Ajmer, enjoying a non-business cocktail with the ministers of Maharashtra… and now he will be delivering a speech in ‘Sansad Bhavan‘ (called as parliament by the desis) … and the ministers will listen for qa change…

Yes, he did attend a CII summit along with some of the well known CEOs. I heard some of them in the news saying these lines –>

“… well this is a break through visit for Indian commerce. Mr. Obama’s presence in India has really helped and…”

“… yes he has talked about a multi level engagement notably focussing on some of the sectors such as education, agriculture and not just technology…”

“… he is right in saying that our trade relations with the US is not very strong as of now and this is a big step forward in strengthening them…”

“… now he has spoken about insourcing the jobs back to the US, which is good for us in a way because we may not really be losing an opportunity to work with the American companies…”

“… he told us that he is worried about creating jobs for the American citizens. So we will surely work out a win win situation…”

“… oh absolutely, this visit is absolutely important for the bilateral trade and commerce relations between the two countries…”

I have a question to all of you, Mr./Mrs./Ms. CEOs of India. What broke through in less than two hours of a packed conference that made you think of a big leap bilateral relations and made Obama re-think about his strategy on outsourcing? Let us not fool ourselves. I think Barack and his wife Michelle came here for an entertaining holiday. The itinerary says it was neither a business nor a political visit. And most of us understand it (either you are a fool or you work with a news channel if you dont).

Mr. Obama- Thanks for coming to Mumbai. It was because of you that half the city got cleaned up and the Police had a dress rehearsal. Do visit us again Sir, next time to Thane. It needs cleaning too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Obama, India and Me!

  1. the point is.. we are so much in awe of a person and a country who at present needs us more than we need them…

    like a friend says in her gtalk status ‘US got investments, India got a Rich Friend’

  2. That’s the way you treat a rich friend 🙂 I find nothing wrong with that. Even in our daily lives we use too much of Thank You’s and Welcome’s which are absolutely uncalled for. There’s nothing wrong on CEO’s part to “say” what they “said” They are not fools, they know exactly why they say what they say which has no bearing on what they do or they are supposed to do.

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