New Theme

The first thing I have done to refresh and renew a start is changed the theme. The grey tones on the blog remain. I have only changed the shades. Some of the changes are-

  • Tags, comments and search tab now goes to the footer.
  • The new theme is now three column instead of earlier two column.
  • The new shade is lighter and better to eyes.
  • There is a new header image.
  • There is less clutter.
  • There will be better content 😛

I hope it is liked.


9 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Previous one was better than this. Need bg color to separate columns. Currently columns appears like stickies. Plus side by side sidebars are confusing.

  2. Frankly speaking if anyone asks me, I will say except the header image , I didn’t like anything else as compared to your older theme. New theme is also OK but your older blog theme was really pleasant to eyes. Font and everything was in correct proportion I guess.

    If I remember your older blog theme then in this theme many of the content is underlined now I guess. I could not get the point of highlighting them using underlines?

    Rest is your blog Sir. 🙂

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