Testing Times

This post is on a very special request from Saandeep. Well, you know him by the name of Sandy on my blog, by the name of Raj on his blog and by a very unique name of English-Scared on CE. His real name is Saandeep Sreerambatla and he is from Hyderabad. And do you know why the special request to post it today came in? Because it is his birthday today. Happy Birthday Sandy! Enjoy!

Can you tell me why do most people from Southern India have long names?

Southern names are long, but coming to Andhra Pradesh they are a bit shorter. In Chennai the names are even long. Since we have a surname and 2 or 3 names.

Here goes the process of naming a kid, you have grand ma, grandfather etc etc… So the naming will be modern and yet mixing of all their names. For example, I have my cousin whose grandfather name is Venkateshwarlu , father’s name is RamanaRao, and his name is Venkata Ramana Veeraju , and he has a surname also πŸ™‚

When I was in Hyderabad about 6 years ago, I was told that to be eligible to act in Telugu movies, all you need is style, belly and a moustache. And there are people who will die for the film stars. Why are Telugus so fanatic about films?

That was true a 6 year ago not now! Now the situation has changed. Thanks to new directors who are making good movies to watch. As you said earlier it was as you said some style, a big belly and moustache will make you a hero. (Some one really ask you? if yes let me know the address πŸ˜› )

And yes, people here die for film stars! We grow up like that. Most of the youth imitate hero’s in everything including smoking and talking style. We have fights against one group and other regarding who is great and who is No-1. Not only telugu’s most of the people are fanatic about films, there are many people who followed imitated Aamir’s Ghajini style!Β I myself did it πŸ˜›

Do you think QA is a great job profile? Why do Indians have to do QA whereas the westerners do all the good coding?

Frankly speaking I am one from the flock who didn’t know anything about software and entered into the field. I was given QA it was not my choice. But, after 4 long years working as a QA – Automation Engineer, now I believe that it’s a great profile. Since, QA will be necessary for all the products developed across the world.Β I dont think coding is good and QA is bad!

Everything is copy pasting πŸ™‚ (This is what I hear from most of the Java Developers). Coming to my profile, I am an Automation Engineer, So I design framework. Write reusable functions and do scripting for all the possible scenarios (Both positive and negative) so it’s almost similar to coding!

And, a coding will be proved as great coding only after it is tested!!

If given a chance, do you think 4 Indians can come together and build some thing like a Google?

A big NO! Unless and until our education system or at least students study for the subject not for marks they cannot make it! There are exceptions, if the 4 you mentioning were like You, Biggie, Durga and Patty yes you can make it! As far as my interactions with people around, I only say that they need money at regular intervals (read monthly) by doing some sort of work without passion or interest! Its just because they have to make a living they do it! These people will not take any risk πŸ™‚

The whole world is talking about the CWG mess. In my opinion, the common wealth games should not have been held in India. Not because we can not manage it. But because we are no longer a ‘common wealth’ of the British. What do you think?

They should not be held, yes because we cannot manage it! You have seen the news and big mess created by it! And coming to your question, We are no longer a common wealth of British! That’s true!!

Would you like to recommend some one for the interview here?

I recommend the most happening person on CE — Ankita.

28 thoughts on “Testing Times

  1. nice interview πŸ˜€

    good job mayur and raj πŸ™‚

    @raj: i’d like to correct you. in chennai people have small names compared to telugu names. because they don’t put their family names and such stuff. they mostly use only initials or just their father’s names. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh yes, and by the way I dont agree to two answers given by you.

    One, given a chance 4 engineers CAN build a browser, irrespective of the education system (Personally I feel easiest thing is to blame the education system)

    And two, we can manage the CWG. We are managing it. Just that the right people should be in the right places.

    • Hi,
      Regarding the long names, in my previous organization I had few friends from chennai and their names were longer , so I did say that!

      Mayur , Our educational system is blamed not because it is easy, I did it because I felt it needs a change! students are not allowed to innovate and think out of box. They are asked to do things in the same fashion as it was being done since years!!

      We are managing CWG , yes but lot of corruption is it making any good to out country?
      We could have done it much much better!!

  3. Nice Interview Sandy and Mayur!
    Good questions and Good answers!
    Yes, Telugu people have big names (ex: mine) 😦 Because, telugu people are too sentimental about their parents, gods….

    And coming to telugu heros question, yes, what ES said was exactly right!
    In previous days, importance was mainly & only given to acting and the remaining was covered with makeup and all. But, these days, we have very nice people with good physic. Thankful to directors!

    Once again, nice Interview guys!!

  4. Nice to read. I disagree with copy-paste thing Sandy. There are programmers who do copy-paste thing and the only reason is that they already have structured frame work done by their seniors.

    We sure can develop google. Epic is the first browser developed by Indians for Indians. Its another version of FF and I liked it.

  5. Hey Sandy Happy Birthday!!!

    Agreed with you on Telgu movies, things have changed but have to disagree for the names part. Telgu names are the longest.

    Remember the Telgu guy meets James Bond joke. Here it is for all the ignorant souls

    On a flight James bond was sitting next to a Telugu guy.

    Telugu Guy: “Hello, May I know your name please?”
    James Bond: “My name is Bond” Continuing in his inimitable style,
    “……James Bond.”

    Then Bond asks: “And you?”
    Telugu Guy: ” My name is Rao…
    Siva Rao…
    Samba Siva Rao…
    Venkata Samba Siva Rao…
    Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao…
    Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao…
    Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao…
    Vijayawada Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva

    Since then when anyone asks Bond his name he simply says “James Bond”

  6. I am very very happy for giving this interview πŸ™‚

    Its just amazing to see this!!

    @Durga: I had put on some weight , this photo was a bit older one!!

  7. Pretty cool interview. Nice read.

    @Sandy: Agree with Durga….put on some weight before you get blown away by a table fan. And some is not enough you need to put on much.

  8. @Sandy: Must say, you are a popular guy. Within 24 hours of posting, your interview already has recorded highest number of hits amongst the other interviews. I’m sure it will surpass the number of comments as well. πŸ™‚

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