The bible has suggested seven deadly sins, also known as capital vices or cardinal sins. I’m listing them here with their dictionary meanings.

  1. Lust (A strong self-indulgent sexual desire)
  2. Gluttony (Habitual eating to excess)
  3. Greed (excessive desire to acquire or possess more)
  4. Sloth (A disinclination to work. In other words, laziness)
  5. Wrath (Intense anger)
  6. Envy (Spite and resentment seeing the anger of other)
  7. Pride (Unreasonable or inordinate self esteem. In other words, excessive ego)

If there are seven sins, there must be seven stories attached to it. 🙂

After Red & White, watch out for the next 7 story series, a story on each sin. I already have in my mind the concepts for 4 of the seven sins. So the stories may not be in the order in which they are mentioned here.

I look forward to your readership and feedback.

10 thoughts on “7EVEN

  1. The waiting time might be more. I have posted this after delaying to write the announcement for a week! Blame it on work, book, travelling, other meaningless activities… sigh! I hope I get enough time to key in the thoughts and make stories out of it.

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