Kya Surat hai! Kya Soorat hai, Harshad Bhai!

Image by Harshad Italiya himself

Harshad Bhai Italiya from Surat, this is how I identify this ingenious man. My introduction to Harshad was under very strange circumstances. One day, when I was busy in some mundane routine office work, I got a call from an unknown BSNL number. The person on the other side, speaking Hindi with a heavy Gujarati accent, introduced himself as ediamondsrt and thanked me for helping him. When I asked what I did, he told me that I wrote some thing on CE, which he apparently read and was impressed. He wanted me to organise a meet in Surat. I guess it was 2 years ago. Since then, Harshad has remained in my inner CE circle and I now consider him a good friend. Here I present you an innocent but a very innovative gujju, who I’m going to call Surat ka Soorma from now on!

Harshad, or should I call Madhav? I’m pretty sure your friends call you Surat ka soorma! What do you think? What is your public image?

Yes, Why not you can call me Madhav as my most of friends call me with this Name. Madhav name comes into my life when I was living in Hostel Madhav Gurukul at Vallabhvidhyanagar during my Diploma.

I have heard Sholey ka Soorma Bhopali never heard Surat ka Soorma. 😉 Joking!!! Talking about Public image, I don’t know much what people thinking about me but yes from the slam books and sometimes Truth and Dare games I come to know what people think about me and according to that i am very funny and naughty person and have a good sense of humor.
Surat is popular for diamonds and cloth. And yet you are trying to make a career in embedded technologies. What are your plans? How far have you come?

Yes, Surat is a diamond and silk city and there are huge market for cloths and diamonds and I know what the situation in diamond market is as my father has started working in diamond when he was just 13 years old. And now a days Embroidery is very hot in Surat. Both cloth and diamond fields are for those people whose father or Grand-father has set-up everything and they have to just handle the business and take it to higher level for there is very tough for the person who wants to start-up from the zero. And as I am an Electronics and Communication engineer I think why not I used Embedded as this is the one of the most demanding field and yes I can use embed cloth and diamond industries with the embedded technologies and as my many of relatives are in these industries I might get some benefits also.

So I am planning to develop my own product for that I have some planning and this is still in the initial level as I am just pass out engineer still I have to learn a lot in both embedded technology and business.

Gujarati people are known for talking loud, talking too much and being big time foodies. What is your opinion? Can you add some Gujarati flavour to this interview?

Yes you are right we are known for talking loud, and talking too much, I used to talking too much but not loudly ;). In Gujarat we called MOTABHAI to elder brother so everyone wants to be “MOTA” so they eat too much and becomes “Mota” ;). Most of Gujarati people are crazy behind food and that is the reason why they are big time foodies every time as they are testing every items. Adding Gujarati flavour to this interview well then from now I have to answer remaining questions into a typical Gujrati+Hindi we called it BavaHindi. It is very interesting when you ask any Gujarati to speak in Hindi there is a particular Gujarati tone in their hindi also even I used Gujarati word sometimes. 😛

Please add the image of SUGAR as this is the very popular flavor for every Guajarati.

‘Sorry state of Indian Engineers’ is a popular topic on CE. You are also an Indian engineer. What do you have to say about this?

I had read this topic on CE and what I am thinking is that the engineering is just a degree here in India and most of student’s goal is to get the degree with good marks and that’s over there are very less number of students are really interested in the engineering. “Engineering Project” is the heart of every engineering course and most of the students want to take ready projects to score the good marks, I am not against this thing if they take any project and willing to understand the project from A to Z. but they are on the other way they take ready circuit diagram and accept that this is the working one they take-up ready code and everything without any effort and knowledge and as their project is working properly they are also get good scores this is happening in mostly colleges as professor is pressuring for the working project demo. While I see in some colleges professor gives the project to students to work and research on particular subject who is really new in the particular field by this way only student get chance to work on the new things and the knowledge is came out. So I think first of colleges have to change the mentality that do not go with the how much project is completed but go with the quality work the student has done.

I want to add one example, My one friend want to make a project on the ARM controller which is a very latest and there is no any professor in his college have knowledge of its so they refused this project and give him a very simple project which they know very well as it makes things easy to ask and torture students in viva.

A poet Edith Sitwell had once said, “The public will believe in any thing so long as it is not founded on truth.” In other words, the public only believes in rumours and hype. Do you believe her? Please comment.

Rumour is the fastest thing in this world and now days there are so many communication media so it makes things easy for rumour. Sometimes it is too much strong that you can’t imagine that is it rumour or there is truth.

I don’t believe in the rumour.

Thank you for your time. Would you like to refer me some one who I can interview here on my blog?

You are always welcome Mayurbhai as I had started blogging after reading your blog so it’s very honoring for me as you have given a chance to be a part of your blogger. I think you have to interview Harshal Pushkarna- Editor of Safari Magazine.

22 thoughts on “Kya Surat hai! Kya Soorat hai, Harshad Bhai!

  1. Harshad Bhai, Maja avi gayo interview padkar. Btw did you tell you fiancé about how famous you are in the www circuit! 😉 🙂

    • Tamaru aa Gujrati-Hindi Padhakar mane pan Maja maja avi gayo… 😉
      and yes she knows that i used to write something on internet, i had told her once. aur Famous… nahi re still i have to learn a lot and have to improve also.

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