I could not find a right title for this interview. And then I thought ‘Attitude’ is the word that goes perfectly with Sachin Patil. An old colleague and friend, he exudes the perfect blend of passion, knowledge and attitude you would look for in a person who you want to be around every time. Most people on my blog know his as Bruce. Here I present him to you in a very candid conversation. I hope you like it.

Tell me about yourself is a dreaded question. But I’m going to ask you anyway. And the answer I’m expecting is the one you have never given to any one. Go on… who are you?

Let me first thank you for considering me for this initiative.

Tell me something about yourself is a Femina Miss India Question, however here it is in the right context and hence let me tell you something about myself.

I am a simple God fearing, Mom fearing, Boss Fearing and Wife Fearing man who wears the mask of being a fearless (Dabangg, as you may want to call it) person 🙂 I live for very very mundane things in life and I enjoy things that most of the people around me do that includes two (or more) pegs in peace, chicken sukka (preferably with Neer dosa) and sound sleep ( I enjoy sleeping in the afternoon when I am home )

I like making an impression of being an arrogant and blunt ( on the face ) type of person but I am not that kind. Please refer to my intro above 🙂 I actually enjoy being given importance in my social circle though I create an impression that I give a damn about it. My secret desire is to be a Rock Singer and I fantasize doing all the crazy acts that my Gods e.g. Bruce Dickinson, James Hetfield do in concerts and sometimes I do those in front of mirror when nobody is at home 🙂

I can’t get more candid than this 🙂

You asked me to answer the question ‘Why me?’ when I asked you for an interview. Could you now answer that question yourself?

I thought it is a good forum for me to be completely off guard which might make it a good reading material for your readers.

I have answered this question many times before in different forums where “Why Sachin?” was inconsequential to the people who asked me this question and I, too, was never impressed with the answers I gave ( though I don’t remember any of the answers now ) If there’s a course that has answers to this questions I will be happy to enroll. Likewise, if there are courses that help you strike a conversation with a beautiful stranger, let me know 🙂

And I was actually excited about the opportunity to give you an interview 🙂

How bad do you think the match fixing saga is? With bribing being so rampant in a country like India, I think this is just a logical extension of it. Every one from a traffic cop to a minister takes money. Why not cricketers then?

Please say that in 2003 WC final Zak took bribes for loose bowling ( though I know that he need not be paid to do that, it comes very naturally to him ) and chuck him out of the team. Though I know it does not answer your question but I just hate that guy….

What I am really surprised at is, the hype around match fixing “saga” as if we are completely clueless about it. I think Pakistani’s were not smart enough to get away with what they did and their “imaan” comes for cheap. Rightfully so, Butt needs money for his sister’s marriage, IPL doesn’t take him, nobody plays Cricket in Pakistan and with the current state of affairs in Pakistan, you don’t know if you would live tomorrow, why not “bill” for losing matches today.

I seriously wish though that no Indian Cricketer’s name should surface ( possibly with the exception of Zak and Ravindra Jadeja ) as I have high hopes from MS and boys for the upcoming WC. I really don’t mind if he “fix”es to win and is smart enough to get away with it 🙂 I just want to see him lift the trophy.

I have already had my share of grief and displeasure in 2000 when these things surfaced for the first time. Cricketers were Gods for me then. Now it is only Jersey No 10.

We shared an employer few years ago and have been in touch since then. I have a feeling that we invariably got stupid (pointy haired) bosses. I’m sure about it, what about you? How good a boss will you be?

Dear bosses, please don’t read this. I am sure they won’t as one of them is too busy establishing his non-existent credibility and capability, the subsequent doesn’t care if I still exist and the current is taking an English speaking course ( Poor South East Asians, I don’t blame them )

Honestly, I have failed to prove myself as a people manager in my previous assignment and I did some introspection on the same. I feel it is important for a people manager to “lead the way through”, create a sense of responsibility and create a culture which is “unique”. Most importantly, he has to lead by example. ( Most of my bosses have failed in doing that )

I don’t know if I would be able to achieve all of these but I will certainly strive to as I want to “erase” the record of being a failed people manager.

In my opinion, Mumbai has no longer remained a liveable city. What is your opinion?

Can’t agree more. Everyday, while driving to office and driving back home I strongly feel the same.

In fact, I look for very opportunity for me to relocate to some other city (I feel even Kolhapur is better than Bombay, though there’s nothing in for me there)

What irritates me more is, when some of the people that I know visit some other cities, blame their infrastructure, traffic and people when the avg time spent in the respective city is not even 48 hrs. Definitely not enough to make a judgment about the city. One such remark is Driving from Bangalore Airport to the city is like driving from Mumbai to Pune. I heard this remark from a friend who doesn’t even know to drive 🙂

Thank you so much for your time. Would you like to refer me to some one who I can interview here?

I can certainly recommend Nilesh, our mutual friend. I would love to see how he tackles your questions or may be Shailesh Atre (But I don’t know if you know him)

8 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. now now.. I was waiting to read an interview of someone I don’t know, and finally we have one.

    Sachin aka Bruce got al-mighty with the questions…

    enjoyed reading it thru… 🙂

  2. Thanks Pallavi and Prateek and I must say, a great initiative by Mayur.

    @Pallavi- I read your interview and I agree with Mayur on your description that he gave. You exhibit the perfect traits of South Ex. I liked the interview.

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