A Mistake is Making me Sad!

I was travelling on a public transport bus to the office today. The bus was already crowded and many commuters were standing. Two seats ahead of where I was standing, I saw a short lady struggling to keep her feet on the ground. She was obviously in lot of discomfort. I felt bad that other people seating were not willing to help her. Then I saw a young man seating on a seat reserved for ladies. That sight irked me. I could not see the woman struggle more and I shouted at the man occupying the seat meant for her.

“Bhaiyya… zara ladies ko baithne do.”

The man twitched a bit, tried to turn around. But then decided against it and sat where he was. The lady waved her hand towards me as if she was suggesting me to let it go. But I was not prepared. There was a lady standing in discomfort and there was a man conveniently occupying her place. I had to confront him. I stepped up and patted on his shoulder while the lady curiously looked at me, as if she feared a quarrel was about to break. I moved up a step further and started speaking as the man started to turn towards

“Bhaisahab aap ladies… oh… I aa… I’m sorry!”

Little did I realise that the man was blind. The lady had voluntarily offered him the seat while many healthy men sat and slept else where. I felt very sad. Very very sad! I should not have confronted him.

15 thoughts on “A Mistake is Making me Sad!

  1. This incident reminded of a similar thing happened with me about 4-5 years back. When a 40+ aged man offered me his seat in a bus full of crowd and after a long time of taking the offer, I found that the person who offered me seat was lamed. May be he gave me the seat thinking that anyone could offer him seat but as always comes “Cruel world” . I still feel very guilty for taking the seat that day and was not able to give it back to him because he was lost in the crowd. That makes more sad when you see a lame person standing after offering his seat to you.

  2. Oh! your intention was good. The lady must have said you that she offered the seat to the blind man! Since you dont know it..
    But yes the incident will make us feel bad.

  3. It was ok for you as you don’t know about that man.
    This is very common situation now a days in Train and Bus both. people believes that there is no any reservation seat they can seat anywhere and there is no more respect for the person with disability.

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