R A N D O M : Insolence

Chill out

I’m quoting an incidence from my past. I was about 15 and half years of age. And I had this friend who was about a year younger to me. We used to chill out a lot and do, what we call these days, time pass. Although my junior, he had an influence on me. We both were athletes. But he was better. Add to that he was a good singer and had a distinctive style, which had lot of girls hovering around him. So became a part of his fan following, which later developed into a good friendship.

There was also this female in my class and a very good friend as well. But I never thought about her as a potential girlfriend. In fact, 15 some thing was not an age for me to think about it. But one day, he infused an idea inside my brain. The idea cultivated for few months and finally I proposed that girl on my sixteenth birthday. What happened after that was obviously very very sad. I ended up loosing not only her as a friend, but all others who were known to both of us. People said I learnt a lesson, that I must be careful before approaching a girl next time. While I reluctantly nodded, the lesson I learnt was some what different. I was never in love with that girl. I didn’t even know what it is like to fall in love. But I still committed myself to the wrong doing… all because of the wrong motivation. I learnt a lesson that words had an insolent power to damage positives in the world.

Imagine this. You are in the armed forces (of a country or a terrorist organisation). You have been given a duty to guard the arsenal of the armoury. Doesn’t that give you a chance to rule the world? Or at least the country? I mean you have all the arms and ammunitions under your very own vigilance. All you need to do is use them and threaten every one else. So doesn’t that give you a chance of world dominance? The logical and practical answer is no and the reason for it is again the power of words. There was one person though, who believed that muscle power (read armed forces) could give him world dominance. And he carefully used his words to win the the muscle power in his favour. His name was Adolf Hitler. But even the exceptional oratory skills of the fuehrer could not help him achieve his ambition to rule the world.

Anyway, leaving the fuehrer aside, let us talk about power of words alone. The meaning of insolence is ‘an offensive disrespectful impudent act.’ For me, I associate insolence with a characteristics of behaving rudely, generally cruel and with an intention to take liberties of troubling people. Many of the religious speakers with radical or extremist views are insolent in their behaviour. No wonder why the promoters of many ‘mujahideens’ are religious men. They are actually very prudent leaders. They choose their words extremely carefully and bring the purpose in their action. That is how they are able to motivate such large, fierce dangerous and yet innocent men to kill and get killed. It is all between the words spoken where lies the real meaning of dominance.

Many kingdoms in the past had large armies. But they always had just one King. And he became the king not because he was an excellent warrior. That he was supposed to be. But he was also a great leader with exceptional oration and prudence… and he knew the difference in the two. 🙂

7 thoughts on “R A N D O M : Insolence

  1. *Suno sabki lekin karo apne mann ki hi* I don’t think there is any harm in being rude until you are intentionally hurting anyone right?

    Anyway good to read this !

  2. true!

    age old saying ” words are mightier than swords” and when right words are chosen they can not only deliver the message, but as well bring the radical difference.
    I was other day listening to speech by Winston Churchill on youtube, it was heavily motivational and in the end of speech (give during WW2), people applauded, that i consider is the power of word.

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