In the Delhi(zen) Zone

Pallavi Walia, or Delhizen, as she calls herself came to my blog in search of love stories. Today she has become an eternal part of the readership and a very good friend. She lives and tells the perfect PunjabiDelhi lifestyle. Very effervescent, lively and bold, I know her as a person who believes living on her own terms. I’m presenting this interview as a birthday gift to her. Belated happy birthday Pallavi. I hope you had a great day.

Punjabi’s are known to be brazen and bold, not only in their demeanour but also in their attire and style. And the Punjabi kudis? Well I dare not say it in front of one here. What makes you Punjabis so vivid?

Two things you will always find across the world no matter where you go are Potatoes and Punjabis, such is our charm! It is said, Punjab was-is such a rich land that happy go lucky attitude became a part of our DNA.

Everyone says when in Rome do as the Romans do- Punjabis believe- no matter where you go create a mini Punjab and feel at home! Everything has to be colourful, full of life and high on calories for us… Size is sign of prosperity- bigger is better… Look at the number of Mercs we have to the quantity of ghee dripping halwa we consume. We look for reasons to celebrate and make merry and must add we rub our affect on those around us too!

The best part is – for us everyone is family. You would never hear a Punjabi differentiate between people from different communities. We just love living life to the fullest! Ki farak penda hai attitude takes us a long way…

You like love stories and I’m assuming that I’m your favourite author. Did you ever think of living in any of these stories? Not mine, but any.

Aww… you got to make me smile, tell me a good love story.  It works like Coffee for me, immediately perks up my mood and no matter how stereotype I sound here, I am a very Harry Met Sally kind of girl.

There are so many stories I would love to be a part of- but my top two any day will be Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan and Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. I have read them n number of times and yet feel like re-reading them over and over again! So, they will be my obvious choice for living the protagonist’s role.

Only a Delhizen can answer this. “An educated man is the one who can sit through an ordeal of insults without forcefully reacting or losing his politeness.” Your comment please. How many of such people are in Delhi?

Mayur, you caught me on this one, I admit, not many at times even I am not. We can’t help ourselves. We just have to get even and till the time we don’t do that something will keep irking us so its better to do it there & then and get over with it. The problem is we get irritated, loose our temper on exactly those things that we do to evoke anger in someone else. A majority also likes to join the bandwagon; they may not be related with the confrontation but will behave as if it’s happened with them. But this has proved to be profitable for the likes of ‘Art of living’ courses who try to sell us the calmness tricks ;).

I feel the Jalianwala Bagh incident and the 1984 riots were similar. Punjabis (or Sikhs?) were massacred for no reason. What do you think?

Massacred for a reason? Never heard of that. Innocent who die are always prey to a situation. History of Punjab tells you that we have risen from the ashes over and over again; I guess that’s where we get our toughness from. All villages were wiped off its mankind by Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Abdali. Our Gurus too laid their lives to save their people. But the point is whether it is a Punjabi who is massacred or a Gujarati- the one who dies has done no wrong… It is always politically motivated. My Grandfather being a Sikh was caught during the 1984 riots was protected by his Hindu friends. He always said; never hold a grudge because it only adds to the bitterness. The only way to move on in life is by letting go of moments that can become a burden.

I haven’t known a person who joined a company and is still working there. You are the only ‘Soul’ who still works for your media company. That is some dedication. What keeps you going?

I know, 7 years at soul, it’s like a chip on my shoulder! I believe in steadiness & consistency, hence I chose to be a ‘growing fish in a growing pond’!

One yearns for change when development is stalled or you feel there is nothing new to your work and that’s different in my case. So much to be done & learnt, clients from varied industries, interaction with people for different backgrounds and so on… clients appreciate the fact that we have a team which is been around for a few years so the level of trust is high! It gives me what one expects at work- satisfaction.

Btw I do have my days, but my bounce back rate is quite high and did I not tell you I have the best boss in the world…so no reasons to look beyond. And like one my client’s says, you are as good as your yesterdays work-so everyday is a new day at office :).

Thank you so much for your time. Would you like to refer me to some one who I can interview here?

Always a pleasure, some of my firsts in life have been with your blog- my first story, my first blog and now my first online interview.

How about doing an interview with Jug Suraiya, he doesn’t need an introduction, does he?


31 thoughts on “In the Delhi(zen) Zone

  1. Nothing much to say I just wanted to be the first one to comment on this. 😛

    Moreover besides being Delhities, having birthdays in Sep and names starting with letter P…..being Punjabis and half sikhs is also something I share with Pal. 😉

    Interesting answers Pal.

    Already knew your capabilities as an interviewer mayur, so nothing to say on that front.

  2. Belated B’day wishes. Liked your attitude . Keep it up. ! 🙂

    @Mayur Sir: “An educated man is the one who can sit through an ordeal of insults without forcefully reacting or losing his politeness.”” – Ultimate line Sir. So true.

  3. Hey Guys, I thought you knew it by now; blogging is my pvt world and no one from my office, family circle follows what I read or write ( they don’t know I blog so shhh….) No chance of Anu ( my boss) getting to read any of this 🙂

  4. Celebrity woohooo! Nice interview and fun facts too. Delhizen, didn’t know you keep your blog and personal life in separate paths! I guess sometimes that is a really nice thing! Hehe!

    And of course, belated birthday wishes ji! Hope you had a blast!

    • Yeah Yeah, celeb and all that! 😉 It is defi a nice thing no prejudices,, no judgments and of course no expectations, if you know what I mean! 🙂

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