Thank You Publishers!

Buoyed by a good response to the ‘Love Stories’, by encouragement from the readers and by the persuasive tactics of few friends cum bloggers cum “… many roles…”, I decided to keep my complex aside and approach the publishers. I wrote to 11 different book publishers, some large, some very large and some relatively very new. Fortunately or unfortunately, 5 of them rejected me outright citing various reasons, 4 of them are asking money from me to publish my book (they call it self publishing, I call it good business model), one of them said they dont publish short stories and one is offering me a 50:50 profit sharing partnership, provided share the cost of initial production.

None spoke about the stories.

Thank you publishers. Thanks for letting me know who I am and what I’m worth. This surely doesn’t motivate me to write another love story.

17 thoughts on “Thank You Publishers!

  1. What nonsense Mayur! write for your readers and for yourself… so what if no publishers keen on it…Love stories are an integral part of yr blog and if you give up on them, then trust me its going to break many hearts!

  2. You know publishing is a business right, and like any business, they all work for profit. Don’t take it personally. When you do publish your stories and when you become the IN author soon, the same guys will queue up to your door! You can kick them then 😉

  3. It is nice of both of you to say that. But it is sort of a de-motivation for me. Pallavi knows that I was not too upbeat about them anyway. But still their response has irked me a bit.

    And anyway, too much focus on the stories has pushed quite a few readers away. When I wrote just one story a month, or may be less, the blog registered a healthy 200+ visits per day. The figure has come to less than half in last few weeks.

      • There was a poem I read in nursery school.
        “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

        It shouldn’t hurt you. You should have confidence enough to believe in your stories and your capability.
        There is an idiom in Hindi: “Bandar Kya Jaane Adhrak Ka Swaad” The publishers are the monkeys here. They don’t know what they missed.
        You can either take this as a hurdle that you cannot cross or you can think of it as a stepping stone to something greater.
        Its your call.

  4. Dude, this is Internet age. I don’t know any person who goes to stores to buy books. Why don’t you take advantage of a bigger, powerful media out there – Internet.

    Instead of going after publishers to put your words on paper (and cut more trees), why don’t you work out a subscription based model? Charge some money to grant exclusive access to your stories. Otherwise, publish a book online for everyone – get your own domain and create a good website. If you can build readership – you can definitely earn money.

    But if you must publish a book – remember, Sabeer Bhatia was rejected 19 times before he got funds for Hotmail. Don’t give up!

    • My stories are already on line. They are free for all now and people have already read it. I wanted to expand base, in whichever form I could. I thought I could make a tele serial on the stories I wrote. Though I maintain that I didn’t expect too much from myself, it still disturbs me a bit. I have already made an ebook and I circulated 5 stories to whoever I knew. Surprisingly, none responded. It took me 1 and half years to write them.

      Anyway I guess the expectations were too high. Am I giving up? Not at all. I only said I’m not motivated to write another love story. Period.

  5. Mayur, for heaven’s sake, please don’t stop writing Love stories. Write for your readers and for yourself. We enjoy reading your stories and I am sure you enjoy writing them. You can not deprive us from enjoying your stories just because of some stupid publishers ( who anyway can’t judge your worth )

  6. Dont give up….who knows u might find someone who is really interested in publishing your book. Why dont your register a good domain name and publish all your stories there. Do some SEO and make stories available only those who are registered with the site. Wait for a year so that you will have some strong data to show to your publishers. I think this should work.

  7. Mayurbhai do you remember the one post in which you had mentioned that there are some bloggers who are motivated by your blog and started blogging and now you are going to stop writing Love Story just because of that Publishers???

    Don’t Give up Mayurbhai.

  8. This happens!
    Take it easy , I have seen a site where all the short stories, pdf’s are uploaded.
    Everybody reads it. I will email you the site tomorrow.
    Never mind Mayur , why are you not motivated to write another story?i Is it because they donot want to publish it?
    If you want to increase the reader base , you need to wait and wait. Day on day your stories get popular enough that the publishers themselves ask you for publishing!

    BTW,, Publishers are like that I too have the same odd experience!

  9. Yeah.On same note ..J.K. Rowling was rejected by more than 20 publishers before she finally got someone to publish Harry Potter. And now, she’s a millionaire 20 times over!

    Don’t Give Up!!

    P. S: Nice Blog. 🙂

    • Hey Radhika, thanks! I’m honoured to be named besides great and popular authors. Least to say, I’m hardly a deserving candidate for a comparison like that.

      Well I have certainly not given up on any thing. Just that I will not be publishing the book of love stories any more. But thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

  10. Sure.. I liked your most of stories. Though I have not read all..
    Your way narrating is very interesting .. fresh topic always..
    I will start sharing my views from next for sure..I hope you will soon publish some new story….

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