When Hate Becomes an Understatement

Reading this post on Shilpa’s blog has inspired me to write this post. In fact, inspired is not the right word. I’m provoked.

Few months ago, I read a news in the papers that they found a 4-5 day old baby boy dumped in a garbage can. You can understand in what condition he must have been found. He was in a heap full of filth, robbed of mother’s milk and had his toes nibbled off by rats. Thankfully the baby was alive. Couple of weeks later, the police successfully traced his parents and arrested them for an attempt to murder amounting to a culpable homicide. You know what was the reason for dumping the infant? Simple. They didn’t want it. The baby was unwanted.

I dont know if I should say I hate such people. Because hate, in such cases, is an understatement. Period.

6 thoughts on “When Hate Becomes an Understatement

  1. Why would they get into situations where they get pregnant if they dont waht a baby? I mean even a brainless idiot knows that if u dont use protection you could get pregnant. Hate is indeed an understatement.

    • There are ways to abort a child, if it is so unwanted. What I failed to understand was why would any one go to a length to abandon an infant. I read a follow up article on it, which read that the couple was not married.

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  3. I was reading an article on Mother Teressa recently… which said she was strictly against the idea of abandoning a child in this manner. She said, ‘if you don’t want the baby, give it to me’. I fail to understand, why to have one in first place if it’s not wanted? Such people should be harshly punished!

    BTW congrats Shilpa- I see your post has been picked by blogadda as top ten on spicy Saturday’s list

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