No Good Blogs to Read

I guess every one is busy these days. I haven’t read good posts for some time now. There are about 10 blogs I read regularly apart from the more famous ones such as Techcrunch, GigaOM and Dilbert on Scott Adams and Bob Parson’s video blog. But there hasn’t been content any where lately.

What happened guys?

PS: I’m sorry. Even I’m busy constructing the new story, Red & White.


8 thoughts on “No Good Blogs to Read

  1. Yeah I agree, I have not been able to churn out any decent posts off late! hope to b back soon… and waiting to read all the parts of red & white series together and then comment

  2. If someone gave me a rupee for everytime I curse myself for not having the time to blog, I’d be a Crorepati by now! Work, home EVERY damn thing has been hectic…..I will try to snap out of it though!

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