Tell Me Your Story!

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Do you have an interesting experience to share? A moment out of your memory lane you would like to pen down? An instance you loved too much but are not able to write a story out of it? Tell the story to me. Give me the idea and I’ll create a story out of it.

The memorable bus journeys, the tryst with a beautiful girl, the trip to an exotic place, a communication with a stranger, the fairy tale your granny narrated, the last train you almost missed… every memorable moment has a story to tell. Tell me and I’ll write it for you. You can send me an email or call me on my mobile phone to narrate that special moment you want me to capture. I’ll let people know who you are or keep it a secret as you may prefer. So… will you share that little secret? The original credit remains with you, so dont worry. 😉

You already like my short stories. Now let me return the favor by writing yours. 🙂


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