Why Should a Person Retire?

I’m completely against a fixed retirement age. Why should some one be forced to retire at 58 or 60? (or even worse, earlier than that in the name of VRS). I have seen many people succumb to inactivity and boredom. Many were relatives and other people known to me… and most of them were bank employees. Tell me how should a bank employee use his knowledge for the remaining 15-20 years of his life?

Let people work as long as they can physically sustain work and as long as they have the willingness to work. Let there be no restriction of age.

PS: This is my personal view.

6 thoughts on “Why Should a Person Retire?

  1. Mayur I totally agree with your perspective. Retirement can hit many ppl severely because from being busy suddenly they have nothing to do… If a person has the will, skills to carry one with their job then why shud they be forced to give it up

    PS: but retirement age for politicians? Well, I will support it ! 😉

  2. I will give points both for and against it. More points on against since 3 people have already spoken for it.

    For: Yes, the points mentioned by Mayur and Pal are good. As long as the person is mentally and physically fit and capable of doing a task, let him do it.

    Against: A successful man should know when to quit. No one wants to believe that they are no more able to do something they have been doing since a long time. Old things have to go to make way for the new and that is the law of nature. Moreover as the person ages his thinking becomes rigid. He can not think of new ideas and look at the problem from different view points. That is why an age of retirement is necessary.
    They can always make use of their skills somehow to do something outside. A banker can use his skills to teach accounts students book-keeping or something from home.

    • My wife gave a similar agreement as mentioned here by Patty.
      “Churn, she said, was very important to keep the ecosystem in balance. Agreed lot of people are fit enough to work even when they reach retirement age. But they must move to allow the new ones to take their position”

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