Download My Love Stories

Now you can download the ebook of select 5 love stories from the blog here–>

Love Stories by Mayur Pathak

11 thoughts on “Download My Love Stories

  1. i did not get it. When the stories are available in the blog, why would anyone ‘contact’ you? they can go to a specific story and read right? whats the whole point of password??

  2. Dude ! Don’t kill your own ebook! Offer all your already published love stories for free. Write the new ones and then offer them at a price or password protect them. Who told you password protecting is a good idea?

  3. Downloaded the ebook. Will give it to my friends too for reading.

    I second Durga and Big K’s opinion. Why do you want to password protect the already published stories. You can always do that with the new ones..

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