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If you haven’t watched Inception yet, you might as well want to just shut this browser, pack your wallet and rush to the nearest theatre. For this movie is not to be missed… AT ALL!

What is most precious to you? Your money? Your house? Your family? Your girlfriend? I think you are being too naive if you said yes to any of those options. For some one like me who writes stories, it is my thoughts. šŸ™‚

So what if some one stole your thoughts? Or worse, what if some one replaced them? Ha! That makes an interesting movie plot. Chris Nolan uses anĀ interestingĀ concept straight out of theĀ subconsciousĀ mind theories to create a masterpiece. Inception is all about a job where Leonardo DiCaprio is asked to plant an idea in the mind of Robert Fischer Jr., heir of world’s largest oil company (played by Cillian Murphy). WhatĀ unfoldsĀ is a sequence of dreams and interĀ relatedĀ events, which I rather not describe here.

Go watch it for yourself. Indulge!

14 thoughts on “Incepted!

  1. Frankly speaking, I didn’t understand it for the first half and majority of second half. I don’t really like the concept of paying 200 bucks to stress my mind. I’d rather take CAT to do that. šŸ˜‰

    • Well I cant say much in this case. I like such movies. But then this really becomes a personal choice now.

      PS: Stressed your mind? Are you kidding? I watched half of Khatta Meetha and felt I was completely stressed. I left the other half for the empty theatres.

  2. Yeah, come on! First you enter into a dream – then see another dream – the time runs faster – then someone else enters that dream – then someone fires – then they wake up – then new characters are introduced …. one needs time to settle his mind after paying 50 bucks for fistful of popcorn!

  3. Inception was good, but Shutter Island was awesome! Till date, has to be the best acting by Leonardo.

    However, has anyone else noticed? Last 5 movies has him acting a character with mental issues…. guess it co-relates with his life.

    • However, has anyone else noticed? Last 5 movies has him acting a character with mental issuesā€¦. guess it co-relates with his life.

      Is it? I didn’t realise

  4. The movie was good for few, few dozed off and few got shrudded by the fellow movie watchers to remain shut.
    I liked it- but one question has not been answered šŸ˜› why was the movie in colour if the dreams are meant to be in black and white ???

    Shutter Island – I need to yet watch it. heard its good though

  5. Inception was too good, though I had to ask certain details to my cousin who saw the movie twice to understand it fully. I think it is worth the efforts to do so. Awesome Concept

  6. See honestly it was a pretty good movie,not bad,but definitely not brilliant.

    It wasn’t terribly original(Read Matrix)

    And I was seriously pissed when people started comparing Nolan to the Mega-Genius Kubrick.

    And this is just my opinion ……

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