How to Publish a Book

… is what I’m trying to find out these days. While I have found some really good ones online, all of them are US based. When we calculate the cost of getting books shipped back to India, it becomes too costly.

Another option is to offer it for download and try to popularise the link.

Third option is to approach publishers with a manuscript and try to convince them to publish it. I have heard they really squeeze you.

Fourth is to publish it myself and try to sell it.

Fifth is to distribute the book freely

What to do?

7 thoughts on “How to Publish a Book

  1. good publishers don’t squeeze u.. publishing yr first book with a reputed publisher will help the sales and overall quality of the book will come to be good.. includes design, editing etc…

  2. I would prefer if you distribute freely…..just kidding ๐Ÿ˜›
    Well, Pal knows more about these things so I would suggest listening to her which you have already done and will do.
    A downloadable e-book will also be a good idea, but you will have a hard time keeping piracated copies of your book under check. Online piracy is worst especially of e-books.

  3. Nice idea. Start with a free publication (a short 50 page book) to begin with. Being in Mumbai is great advantage to you – you can get in touch with many publishers. Go for it dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I bet you can beat Chetan B.

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