Bharat Bandh on Monday

The opposition parties here in India have declared a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on Monday July 5, 2010. The reason is the protest against the rising inflation against the country.

Hmmm… so this means we will some buses burnt, some people thrashed, lot of rallies taken out and much of public money spent on nothing. Schools and Colleges will remain shut, most office goers will shy away from going to office and much stories of discomfort will flash the news papers on the next day.

While I support the drive against rising prices and overall inflation, I dont understand how shutting of the whole country for a day is going to solve the problem. Is there an intelligent party who’ll deal with the real cause?

4 thoughts on “Bharat Bandh on Monday

  1. Who said Bandhs are meant to solve a problem. They are there so that the party that declares them feels important and can show off that it has the power to stop the nation for a day.

  2. The news papers are full of the lost money due to Bandh. I wonder who lost that 13,00,00,00,….. or whatever crores and how. In my opinion, expect for the public property destroyed (which was surprisingly rare), every thing else goes down as an opportunity cost lost. No real money was lost.

    Anyway, thats not the point. The point is, what after a successful and almost peaceful agitation? Does it solve the problem of rising prices? It doesn’t right? It only adds to frustration.

    So ow do we control inflation?

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