Alright I’m Tagged

Saandeep tagged me on a post on his blog. There were about 10 questions I needed to answer. Normally I wouldn’t have responded to tagged posts. But the questions were good and I thought I’ll surely answer this one. I hope you will enjoy the questions. So here I go-

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?

Ans: Me? I think it should be my ancestral property in my home town. I’m going to get it any way. I’m the only son you see.

2.  If You were a character in a movie that you’ve seen who would I be and why?

Ans: Well I have to choose between me and Saandeep. But I dont know him too well. So I’m going to imagine Biggie. If we were together in a movie, I’d be Vincent Vega and he’d be Jules Winnfield. The movie is Pulp Fiction.

3. If You could do one thing for someone, no matter what it was, what would it be for Who?

Ans: Given a chance I’d help the President and the Prime Minister of India to take a better stand against the Maoist and terrorist as well as help them in making better fiscal policies. Any one who has doubts on my ability is free to question me. Unexpected answer? You thought I’d write about my ex. girl friend? wife? son? 😀

4. You’re driving. It’s great weather. Attractive member of opposite sex in expensive car looks at you and half-smiles. You’re in a relationship. Do you return the look and half-smile back?

Ans: Why not? Should I not show some courtesy? 😉

5. Pick a situation-
a. You’re 42. Would you rather go without sex for three years and win a lottery after that, enabling you to never have to work again? Or
b. Get twice the lottery money now (at 42) but have your partner sleep with your boss?

Ans: I’d have chosen option b if my boss was a guy. As of now, I’d pass this question. 🙂

6. What has been the craziest thing u have ever done?

Ans: It was my decision to rejoin the job.

7. God gave u chance to alter any one event in the past, present or future. What would that event be?

Ans: I’d change my past, the date and month in which I came to Mumbai. Even few days early would have been a life changing thing. Period.

8. Would you rather go bald or lose your front tooth?

Ans: Huh? I’d rather go bald.

9. Your sibling is sleeping with your married close friend. Who do you go to first, sibling or married close friend?

Ans: Neither. It is none of my business what they do in their personal life.

10. Would you rather want your kid turn out to be a nymphomaniac or gay? (For my amusement, please answer in the format: I would rather my kid be —)

Ans: What a stupid question. Why would I want any of it to happen? But if I have to answer this, I’d rather want him to be gay. He will at least become a fashion designer. 🙂

I’m not tagging any one in particular but all my readers. Who ever wants to answer should please do so on their blog with a back link to mine 🙂

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