What kind of boss will YOU be?

In last 6 years of my life, I have always disliked all my bosses, no matter what. With an exception of one, all of them were great guys. But none of these could get to a ‘good boss’ level. In my last employment, even I had a team reporting to me. At one point I lead a team of 9 executive! While most of them are still in touch and no one ever complained to me, I dont know what they felt about me as a boss.

Every boss is different and probably equally idiotic. So that leads to a question. What kind of boss do you think you will be? I’d like to know please. If you already are a boss, tell me how you are. If you want to be a boss, tell me how you would like to be. I’m going to base an upcoming story on this one.

So I’m all ears. Tell me?

11 thoughts on “What kind of boss will YOU be?

  1. A leader according to me should be one who maintains the unity of the organisation but still gives individual suppport to everyone. He/she doesn’t meddle in the work of his/her subordinates but lets them do things the way they want to but ensures that they understand where the line is.
    He/she should neither be too strict nor too lenient. Should try to criticise less and give credit where it deserves. He/she should have the abiliity to think out of the box and to take initiative. He/she shouldn’t be rigid. He/she should have a vision and he/she should have the ability to make his/her men believe in that vision.
    Should have the courage to backup the subordinates and guide them when needed. There should be a clear and defined line of authority and a similar line of responibility.
    But most importantly, the subordinates should not feel they are doing a job for someone.
    A great leader should both lead and follow. He/she must have the respect of his/her men.

  2. Helpful, full of patience someone who believes in guiding the team members at each step, if they want. But I totally lose it if after all the effort I put in and they behave like dorks. If they don’t shape-up then I don’t mind giving them a feedback and if still nothing improves then it’s reported to the Big Boss for further action.

    Someone who there for the team when they need me and they fill in when I want help. I have learnt it all from my boss… In nutshell; I learn along with them and I believe I am as good as my team is! We share success and I take responsibility of any discrepancy that occurs

    (At any point in time I lead a team of 4-10 people.)

    as for an ideal boss-I think someone who guides but gives an individual his/her space to grow and not try to control anyone’s mind/ actions -i wud like to be that one…

  3. I dont want to be the boss or working for a boss either!

    If I am a boss , Commitment is what I look in from people , booze enjoy , no dress code , talk non-sense whatever , but commitment!
    And I often disagree! I was a lead for 20 people for 6 months very early in my career and everyone like me!!

    @Mayur: You are tagged on my blog please answer 🙂

  4. A good boss=Hitler outside and Mother Teresa inside ?…lol
    Well if I will be a boss then i would be one who will
    1. Be appreciated not only by her juniors but also by her seniors. Means maintain both level parts nicely.
    2. Give appraisal based on comparision with other team members but based on an individual’s performance.
    3. Be honest and straighforward in giving about feedback for my team members. No matter it is good and bad. will be open and frank.
    4. Have capability of recognizing and extracting the best potential of any individual at work. Most important characteristic as a Boss according to me.
    5. Be Enough smart not to get fooled by her juniors as well as by seniors. As being in IT I know everyone is making other’s fool including clients who no doubt are already fools. lol
    6. Be a good listener.

    Rest are very general characteristics that I guess every boss has like helping at crisis times and blah blah..

    P.S. “What kind of Boss you will be sir?.Will be glad if can know. 🙂

    • Me? Oh I’ll be a good boss. Methodical, no nonsense, considerate but some one who pays more importance to work, funny, witty and easy going. I’ll always have an open door policy.

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