Summer of ’99

I wrote this post for the first anniversary of Pallavi’s blog. You can read the original file here.

We were all born in the hottest city, and we were all coolest boys

Exams were just about over, it was time for us to turn the heat around

No one of us was mumma’s boys, so there was lot of singing and sound

We knew the best days were coming, it was summer of ninty nine…

The meetings on the grounds, the rides on the bikes

The evenings were with Samosa and chai, and nights with cream and ice

The world cup in England, the India Pakistan ties,

The mauling of Shoaib Akhtar and the victory parties under skies

We all were care free birds, no one cared about money and time

We knew the best days were coming, it was summer of ninty nine…

That girl who sat in the corner, I knew she was mine

We spoke on the phone, from morning till nine

And then when I asked her out, man! I was almost dead

Rehearsed my proposal million times, in the shower and on the bed

I offered my hand for a dance, we waltzed on ‘Yellow’ by coldplay

Her soft hands changed the meaning of touch, I began to sway

Oh how much I was in love, I didn’t know if it was a good sign

All I knew was the best days and it was a summer of ninty nine…

And then we went for admissions, the Engineering just happened

Some got admissions in the city, some took it away

the promises to stay together were now put to the bay

As they all departed one by one, the gap further widened

They all slept alone, with sombre moods and hearts saddened.

But we met before we departed, Jammed on a terrace with beer and wine

We knew these were the best days, it was summer of ninty nine…

Today all are busy with their lives, no one cares a dime

All sweat it out for decent living, from morning till nine

But surely some times an old pal calls, and offers a glass of wine

Then we remember the old days, afterall, it was the summer of ninty nine…

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