From Acentric to Eccentric

This rant is inspired from the Star Parivar Awards. No I’m not a fan of either the star parivar or their shows. But their shows have just inspired me to write a post. Only good thing to have happened, is it?  🙂

I remember the first time these awards were initiated thanks to highly popular television serials from the Balaji Telefilms house hold. Ekta Kapoor had taken the Indian small screen by storm. Every other person in India (read females) were talking about the Viranis and the Agrawals and the Basus and what not. All Ekta Kapoor and her team did was to show what an average Indian family wanted to see and live like. Large houses, big united happy families, scandals, suspense and traditions. Popularity of ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar ki’ prompted Ekta to launch a string of similar shows. While some like Kasautii, Kkusum did well, most of them flopped. Slowly, the Viranis were replaced by the Rajvanshs and Maheshwaris.

There was a time when Balaji was a dominant and mostly the only production house commanding the small screen. Today there are many shows coming from different stables. They have not only dethroned Balaji, but also mostly wiped them out. The biggest reason for it was that slowly, most of the Balaji shows started becoming acentric. They meandered along too many extra marital affairs, foster children, generation leaps and memory losses. Most of their characters lived eternally. All in all, what they completely lost was the premise on which the show started. Such were the diversions that they failed to connect with the audience. As a result, the characters who were the cynosure of all eyes were soon despised. Whichever shows managed to reconnect were successful. Others failed miserably.

Biggest flop of the last decade was Ekta’s Mahabharat. Although I never believed that she could do a better job than B. R. Chopda, I thought it would turn out to be a very popular television serial. To my surprise, it bombed like a nuclear weapon. It not only flopped, but disintegrated. When I saw some of the episodes with Saakshi Tanwar, Om Karmakar and Ronit Roy, I found out the problem. Ronit Roy was looking like an idiot in the Bhishma Pitamaha’s attire. Not because he was looking bad, but because I remembered the Rishabh Bajaj and the older Mihir Virani in him… and both characters were idiots. I just couldn’t connect with him, and so couldn’t other millions of viewers.

Anyway, thats about the television serials. When it comes to bollywood movies, the acentric becomes the eccentric. I better not talk about it. Otherwise I might even end up calling Dev.D and Love Sex aur Dhokha as piece of craps. Some say they are piece of art, I say well… 🙂   Nothing against the makers. But if you are far too much within yourself, you tend to be eccentric. And an eccentric movie seldom strikes the chord with the viewer. As a writer, I have learnt it through my stories ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Minx’. And I wowed not to repeat my mistake again. By the way, watch out for my new story Twilight, coming up!

7 thoughts on “From Acentric to Eccentric

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  2. Who in the right mind watches Ekta Kapoor productions and such award ceremonies? The only thing that can take you through this arduous task is that you should have an IQ below 30 and psychotic desire to destroy yourself completely. There is a reason why these things were banned by the Geneva convention.
    As far as Dev D and LSD are concerned. They were made in a different way. Many people find abstract things creative, sometimes even I am guilty of the crime. But, Dev D was not a work of art, an off beat movie yes but not a work of art (Though I only saw 30 minutes of it).

    • My point was that there is no point in making an artwork commercial if it was made only to satisfy one’s senses. If you are making a commercial movie, let that appeal the masses. Why torture 90% of the movie goers when only 10% could connect with you?

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