When The Going Gets…

First rains lashed the Thane outer boulevards and well… the first trees have kissed the streets already. Some thing like that happened on Ghod Bunder road in Thane last night. Some argued it was a trailer that turned turtle. Some said it was a tree. Whatever it was, it caused a huge traffic snarl in the peak hours of morning.

Minutes led to hours, partly cloudy led to heavy rains and anxiety led to frustration. All in all, the vehicles were stranded for 5 hours (this is what my bus spent, actual figures may be much more) and lot of people taking the streets, literally to walk the distance.

Frustrating eh? Well yes but not exactly. I shared a great time with a group of people I’d never meet again. The frustrating talks led to smiles, to helping hands when rains came pouring down, to talks of suggestions, criticisms and to smiles of course. What followed were packet of chips shared with strangers, aloo parathas, ‘elaichi wali chai’ and desperate bids to get back to our homes at least.

A gentleman offered me a life in his, well Wagon R and I finally trudged back to my own. Well, what a time! Surely when the going gets tough, the smiles must get going! Over come…


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