Truth About The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

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It took 26 years for government of India and the law makers to convict those responsible for the 1984 Bhopal Gas tragedy… and they all got bail immediately. šŸ™‚

How much value do you put on the lives of 5000 people who died? Or were there 20,000 dead people two days after the gas tragedy? Or more? Or less? No one knows the actual figure.

I did a small research on the facts and figures of the tragedy. It is said (and available in the archives) that less than about 25% Ā of the city was affected. The records show that Bhopal’s population in 1984 was little over 8 lacs. The tragedy wiped out about 1% of the city’s population. However today’s Times of India says that about 5.7 lacs were affected, with death toll more than 15,000. I’m also being told by the locals who are staying in Bhopal and were in the city when the tragedy struck that the population of the city in 1984 was hardly 6 lacs. The government of India has received about 10.7 lac claims for compensation, which is more than 5 times the actual number of people affected. No one knows the actual figures… and I guess no one ever will.

In my opinion, Bhopal gas tragedy is the most abused and the most mismanagedĀ national calamities of all times. It took them more than 25 years to impart justice. They are still evaluating the claims of those who filed for a compensation from the government. The money to be given has been revised by I dont know how many times. They are still not being able to figure out how exactly the gas leaked. Even today theĀ GovernmentĀ of India is trying to extradite Warren Anderson, the ex CEO of Union Carbide, the company responsible for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. We are still under theĀ realm of non existent apatheticĀ judicial practices. Do we have some shame left? Is there a word harsher than shame, disgrace, pity, ignominy? Bull ****!!!


8 thoughts on “Truth About The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

  1. “natural calamity”!!!!! excuse me!
    by the way, the they have ‘figured out’ how the gas leaked. go through the “archives” better before another post on this topic

    have a nice day

    Shitty response by the court!!!! this verdict arises in me one question, political involvement to protect Indo-US interests!! bull shit man! protect your people

    • I cant explain the ‘pun’ behind the word natural calamity to you Ranjith. By the way the archives that tell us how the gas leaked also tell us that 5.7 lac people were affected. Who should I believe? šŸ™‚

  2. It is anything but a natural calamity. We as a nation should be ashamed of the judgement is all that can be said abt this…

  3. More than the actual death toll, it is the lakhs of people who survived who suffered and are still suffering. Most children born decades later are born with congenital diseases thanks to the gas that the mothers inhaled. These children will grow up and likely pass it on to their kids. So it will really hard to put a number on how many were affected. Sad, isn’t it?

    • Yeah sad. There are many who live there in the city with permanent disabilities. They must be happy with the result. Is it not?

      By the way, my wife was 7 month old toddler when the gas tragedy broke out. I some times get a feeling that she was affected with the gas when she quarrels with me… šŸ˜‰

  4. The crimanal action initiated against the Union Carbide, was a mistake. the action under the Law of Torts should have been taken, because “A Tort” is said to have been comitted whenever there is a violation of the right of a person. The rule of Strict Liability under Torts should have been fastened on the Management of Union Carbide, which has its origin in the case of “Ryland v/s Fletcher” , which was followed in several Indian cases, lastly it was invoked by the Hon’ble Suprem Court of India, in the case of Oleam Gas leak(M.C.Mehta v/s Union of India) reported as (1987-1-SCC-395).The court laid down the following rule:
    “Where an enterprises is engaged in a hazardous or inherently dangerous activity and harm results to anyone on account of an accident in the operation of such hazardous or inherently dangerous activity resulting, for example, in escape of toxic gas, the enterprise is strictly and absolutely liable to compensate all those who are affected by the accident and such liability is not subject to any of the exceptions which operate vis-a-vis the tortious principle of strict liability under the rule in “Ryland vs Fletcher”.

    The effect of this would have been that it should not have taken26 years to decide as the burdon of proof is lower than it is in the criminal action.Besides this the amount of financial compensation to the victims would have been in accordance to the status/ paying capacity of the accused.

    Lets see if those responsible would amend their way or not.

    Arun Mithal

  5. The incident of methyl isocynate leakage is misdirecting,as it was phosgene gas which is transpormed when MIC is heated at 350 dgree cntgrade,the tempereature created due toexothermic reactions which;; was caused due to presence of water in vessle and eventually increased.had the case proceed in any international court for extracition of accused the gas consumed will be important factor

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