What Else?

“Arre atta tuza swataha cha ghar ahe, gadi ahe, uttam pagari nokri ahe, changli bayko ahe ani ata mulga suddha zalay. Ani kay hava tula?”

I’ll translate it for the people who can not read or make sense out of the above sentence. “Hey now you own a house, a car, have a high paying job, a good wife and now you have a son as well. What else do you want?”

What else? This is probably the most asinine sentence I always hear whenever meet old relatives. Well a standard answer could be, ‘All I want is every thing.’ But I think even that is not a good answer. Because there has to be more to life than wanting and having every thing. And moreover the word ‘every thing’ differs from person to person. A high profile job or having his own business could be every thing for some one. And it could be just run of the mill stuff for some one else. This some one must be aiming even higher or farther than the other normal beings. In both case, most of the people end up achieving what they aim for. And majority of such ‘been there done that’ people start asking ‘Ajun kay hava tula’ questions. For the rest of the ‘been there done that guys’, the soul searching journey begins here.

For me, aim is a moving target. Yes I have every thing that a normal middle class person yearns for, especially in Mumbai. I guess I have achieved it little to early to relax and stack my earnings like Uncle Scrooge. Or may be I can splurge. I can think of settling down in my ‘so called high paying’ job (it is an irony by the way). Or I can concentrate more on the business which I started, which didn’t take off once, I started again, closed it down, modified my offerings and restarted again. By the way I am still struggling with it. I know I will eventually get to what I always wanted, a consultancy under my name. But the problem is, what after that?

In all the 28 and half years of my existence, I have observed that the questions on your aim, goals, dreams and every thing else related keep bothering you unless you answer yet another but simple question. Before sleeping, ask yourself if you were satisfied with the way the day went. Rather if you were satisfied doing what you did the entire day. If the answer is no, ask yourself what else you want? “Ajun kay hava tula?” 🙂   Answer that question and do what you want to, satisfy yourself. Steady job or business? Do what you like and do it if it is fun. Lot of people cant be entrepreneurs… in fact they are better off being in a job than being shoddy businessmen! 

13 thoughts on “What Else?

  1. “Before sleeping, ask yourself if you were satisfied with the way the day went. Rather if you were satisfied doing what you did the entire day. If the answer is no, ask yourself what else you want? Do what you like and do it if it is fun.”
    With these lines you have summed up everything. I guess I have nothing more to add except my appreciation on an article well written.

  2. Well, how the day went; it rather short time. I’d rather ask “Am I happy doing what I”m doing?” If the answer is yes, you’re on the right path and you should continue doing it. If the answer is no, then maybe some soul searching is needed 🙂

  3. Nice thoughts.

    I agree with what Pratik says and I am sure, Mayur, this is exactly how you live your life.

    I strongly feel though, that you should ask yourself “Ajun Kay havey tula?” and the answer should never be ” Kahi Nako, majhyakade sagala aahe which I ever desired for “.

    I am sure you would agree Mayur.

  4. I didn’t expect readers to appreciate me on this one. It was just a rant of an unstable, rather forlorn mind and a tired, coughing body. Thanks Guys!

    People say that ‘Tu ghar ghetlas, tuzya kade gadi ahe. Mhanje ayushya safal zala.’ And I tell them, ‘Ajun mi jag jinkla nahiye’

      • Kasla panchat joke hota to Biggie… I guess you are at your best again. Reminded me of Kshitij. By the way I won a Parle G small pack once. That is my only claim to fame.

  5. Nice thoughts mayur…

    Thoda gyan from my side – We measure success with materialistic things like car and house.. I feel they are just icing on the cake.. The cake is Satisfaction and happyness. Icing without cake is meaningless…

    Well, if you have both nothing like it. AJUN KAI is makes more sense when your icing is there but cake is not 🙂 or when the icing does not make the cake more delicious 🙂

    • Absolutely… I couldn’t agree any lesser. I think it is the icing which makes it more attractive. But it doesn’t satisfy the hunger.

  6. Mr Ajay’s comment reminded me of a quote
    ““Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.” -Booker T. Washington
    Completely agree with it.

    P.S.‘Ajun mi jag jinkla nahiye’ – Meaning Please? Thanks !

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