GPSM: Nostalgia

Anniversary week special guest post by Smita Mishra

It’s the time of the year again. Examinations, end of another semester, project vivas, report submissions. In short, it can be described as the most chaotic and hectic time of the year for any engineering student. And so it has been for me. But, amidst all this rush and bedlam, there is also a lingering thought on the back of my mind that this is it; the last semester of my engineering career. There won’t be any more rushing to early morning classes (which is 10 AM in my case :D), no more arguing with the mess staff about the rotten quality of food, no more active discussions with the management about conducting Fests in the college, no more running around to clear attendance shortage dues. This is it; the end of 4 years; the end of an era.

As the college life comes closer to its end, I can’t help but wonder where the time has flown. It seems just yesterday that I was walking timidly in the corridors of my hostel, cursing my fate to have landed in an all girl’s college. And now, at the end of the most happening phase of my life, when I walk the same corridors, I feel a sense of fondness. When I see the fresher year girls sitting huddled together in the college discussing their assignments, a small smile appears on my lips. I see myself four years ago, all seriousness evident in the big round specs and always with a big heavy book in my arms.

Weirdly enough, everything that I once despised about my college now fills me with pride. I was once ashamed to tell the name of my college, but now when I talk to my relatives, I make sure I tell them all about its background too. I feel my blood boil when someone talks negatively about my alma mater. I have actually grown fond of my college and I am not ashamed today to admit that I’m going to miss these four years quite a lot. All this nostalgia has somehow resurfaced the poet in me (which made a brief appearance on my blog a couple of months ago) and I penned some words. It’s an dedication to my college life and all the people who made it the most special four years of my life.

वोह college  में  पहली  बार  entry मारना,

seniors से पहली बार नजरें मिलाना,

शुरुआत में attendance के डर से सारे classes attend करना,

नयी नयी sincerity में हमेशा पढ़ते रहना

seniors बन गए  तो  खुद  rag ना होकर  juniors को  rag करना

वोह  college annual function में  अपने  seniors से  लड़ना

हर  strike पे  सबसे  आगे  बैठ  कर  ज़ोर  ज़ोर  से  चिल्लाना

फिर  management के  साथ  बैठकर  वोही  “issues” discuss करना

नौकरी  पाने  की  hopes में  preplacement training  करना

जिसका  placement ना  हो  उसके  गम  में  सभी  का  शामिल  हो  जाना

वोह  project और  seminar के  लिए  college के  दस  चक्कर  काटना

चार  साल में  पहली  बार  सात  घंटे  का  timetable follow करना

exam  की  एक  रात  पहले , “syllabus क्या  है यार ?” पूछना

hostel के  6 floors ऊपर  नीचे  भाग  के  notes जुगाड़  करना

night out मार  के , xerox notes को  मर  मर  के  पढना

अगले  दिन  exam फोड़कर  late night party की  planning करना

वोह  college से  laptop खरीद  कर  free wifi पाना

हर  room में  रात रात  भर  utorrent से  movie download होना

फिर  अगले  दिन  youtube और  orkut का  block हो  जाना

network admin से  लड़  झगड़  के  उसे  unblock कराना

सारे  festivals मिल  के  flank में  celebrate करना

होली , दिवाली , christmas, new year, सब  की  अलग  playlist बनाना

common hall में  कूद  कूद  के  देर  रात  तक  नाचना

फिर  senti गाना  बजने  पे  best friends के  साथ  रोना

हर  meal के  बाद  hostel के  खाने को  कोसना ,

round table conference करके  admin को  गालियाँ  देना

semester के  बाद  छुट्टी  होते  ही , घर  की  तरफ  भागना

पर  एक  हफ्ता  हुआ  नै  फिर  hostel का  याद  आना

किसी  पुराणी  बात  को  याद  कर  रात  रात  भर  हसना

हँसते  हँसते  कब  आंसू  निकल  आयें , ये  ना  जान  पाना

hostel के  ये  सुहाने  दिन  फिर  नहीं  आयेंगे  मेरे  यारों

इन  छोटी  छोटी  यादों  को  तुम  सब  sambhal  ke rakhna

10 thoughts on “GPSM: Nostalgia

    • Ya I know pallavi, its been a long time. Real life caught up to me and have been struggling to write.. hopefully I can get my mojojo back soon 🙂

  1. Amazing post 🙂

    Really miss those college days. When in college, we were just waiting to get out and now I just wish I could be back there

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