GPSK: If Only

Anniversary week special guest post by Sapna Katti

I want to go back to the time
when “getting high” meant “on a swing”
when drinking meant “apple juice”
when “Dad” was the only hero
when “love” was “Mom’s hug”
When Dads shoulder was the highest place on earth
when your “worst enemies “were “your siblings”
when the only thing that could hurt were “skinned knees”
when the only thing “broken” were your toys
and “Goodbyes” meant only till tomorrow.

Wow!!! what a way to recollect those good ol’ childhood days.

Every time I walk down the memory lane, I revisit these days. Esp, around this time coz this was our summer vacation time, the most carefree days, free from even our biggest worries then “Home work and Exams” πŸ˜€ Just wish I could go back in time.

That was the time when summer vacations meant visiting grand parent’s place. Meeting friends, cousins and all relatives. No classes, trainings and summer camps were planned ahead of time. Yes we did attend some of them coz our parents felt they could spend some moments of peace at home by keeping us engaged for some time. We played the whole day long inspite of the scorching heat. yes we played outside. (For the sake of gen Y) There was no Internet then, and single channel on TV i.e Doordarshan ( BTW, it still exists πŸ˜‰ ). Video games weren’t very common either. Our entertainers were Famous Fives, the Mickey Mouse and Mowgli from the Jungle Book. I wasn’t a big fan of comics.

All the mangoes and chigli( a tangy mixture made of tamarind,salt and jeera) and loads of other seasonal fruits that we ate had a different flavor. Summers also meant falling sick. There has not even been one summer during my school days that I have not visited a doc.

That was time when we wrote letters to keep in touch and few phone calls as well. Good hand writing was a virtue and we were expected to write in those cursive writing books to improve it( Is it still a part of school curiculum. I don’t know). And inspite of having 2 months of vacations they always used to get extended by a day or two. To discourage this trend most schools (including mine) had a fine for being absent first couple of days. All the nights we slept on terraces to avoid getting baked by the heat inside the room, stories shared, informal chats, card games played(with actual cards, not solitaire), days without water, electricity brought more joys than even best of the days now. And then schools started with the onset of rains with a note of excitement ( Unlike the monday morning blues) and the joy of meeting your school friends again.

I cannot go back in time but surely whenever I feel like it, I relive those moments, rejuvenate myself and get ready for the battles of everyday life. But still somewhere in the corner of my mind I hear a voice and I realise my heartΒ is hoping “If only life were as simple as i seemed then…..”

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