GPSS: Three Kinds of People

Anniversary week Special Guest Post by Saandeep S

It seems a philosophical though but read on you may find it interesting as well.
As per me there are three kinds of people in the world.

  1. Dreamers
  2. Implementers
  3. Both

As the name suggests Dreamers are the one who dream of everything in the world may be its a team or business or life anything they dream of all the things from extreme positive to extreme negative, but they will never implement any steps to overcome the difficulties or to bank upon the positives.

The next flock comes implementers , they dont give time for thinking and they even believe that thinking is often waste of time. They implement the business or life as it is with perfection.

Next comes the people who do think and implement , they implement the things well and they even forecast the future too , they think of difficulties and they act upon it as well.

So here i would say a small story , there was a company ABC , which is manufacturing cement as real estate is booming in the country , the Manager of the manufacturing unit Mr. A asked to recruit only implementers, the task for implementers is to market their cement and the high the marketing that high the sales of the cement.

The associates are very happy that they get high bonuses on selling more and more cement to the customers.
After a few months recession gets effected in the country which reduces the cement usage almost to zero , all the markets are unable to do anything as they are used to sell off the cement and nothing else. Company goes into losses and they become bankrupt.

Then A plans to inquire whether any one in the same cement industry is doing good business? He find a company named CBA is doing well inspite of the recession effect. Mr A reaches Mr. C of company CBA and asks about the wonderful performance of their company, Mr. C answers ” I have hired implementers who does things for me” and I wanted to plan a strategy for doomsday thus “I hired a small team of dreamers to think of drastic changes and resolutions”

My small team who thought of disasters made some suggestions to over come the effect of no demand of cement , and by that idea we are surviving! Now the only implementer can only adopt the change bearing all loses and getting some profits in future or can wait for cement demand again.

So what are you??

Footnote: I interacted with Saandeep first on CE. He had joined the community with a strange name, English Scared. That caught the attention of all of us and we paid extra attention to this guy who was scared of English. He’s been one of the top most contributors on CE since then.

5 thoughts on “GPSS: Three Kinds of People

  1. What am I?

    I don’t know. I dream about few things and do nothing about them. I implement few things – someone else told me to ….and there are few things in which I do both.

  2. I don’t know what I am but I definitely know that having a good mix of all categories helps. That is why team effort scores over individual efforts(no matter how brilliant) πŸ™‚

  3. Who am I? I am the fourth kind. I don’t think and neither I do work. I only create hindrances for others or push them so much that they lose their sanity. πŸ˜‰

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