GPVD: Who Cares Less?

Anniversary week special post by Vijaya Durga

“Durga .. it’s macquarie park,”,”ah! alright” . That’s what Neelima said when I was lost in thoughts on a train.
As we both kept on walking towards Optus at 8:40am , I suddenly realised “where is the brown paper bag which I was carrying all the while?”. Just few hours ago, I had prepared a veggie dish for monthly BBQ at office and had in hurry dropped my money purse in it. It all began then.

I asked Neelima to go to office, while I headed back to the train station to inform the station guard about the loss.
The man at counter was a nice friendly person, who took trouble to track and inform the stations further ahead and to search and said he would let me know in another 30 mins “What next?”I thought, yess!! block all the bank accounts -was what i thought. I searched for my mobile from the always messy bag and I realised I had not charged my mobile since past 2 days, it was lying dead 😦

“Now???” I looked around and found my manager walking by! ” Hi ! could I borrow your phone? I lost my wallet and I need to inform the bank guys”. ” Not an issue at all! Please use my phone” IVR activated and i was redirected to the specific dept “Hi! I have lost my wallet and I have my customer registration number as well as account details in my wallet, I don’t know anything apart from my name “. ” Thats fine , please provide your surname” “umm.. my name is Vijaya Durga” “Sorry?” “Can you look for Vijaya” ” We have quite a few accounts” ” Oh! alright- may be ‘Charlie holly eve Maria anthony lauri anthony roast roast iclenad’ as surname ” All I was feeling was -if only I had my account number ” yes mam, you are in, what can I do for you” ” please hold all my accounts ” ” do you have your pin on any paper in your wallet ” “umm,, i had changed it recently- so basically -yes”  ” from now on please dont ever do it, i am now blocking you cards and account, you will recieve your new cards in 7 working days and pin 2 working days after” “Oh! thanks so much” “You wont be able to access you account till you recieve your cards and you internet banking and telebanking details have alsoe been blocked” “thanks!” . I was happy , so was my manager.

Phone rang at 10 am ” is this miss Durga” “yes!” ” I am from Macquarie park train station” ” they found your wallet and its now at Hornsby station , when would you like to take it” “today evening ! thanks for all the help” ” no problem darling” .

It was friday, supposed to be my resting day at work, where i leave office by 5 pm and go around before I go home and today, I will be travelling some 40 mins , get my purse. ” here darling, thats your purse” ” thanks again”
Now what?” I have my cards and al but I cant use them? ” ” weekend?? ” ” shifting home” “stuff for new home” ??

on saturday me and neelima set for your new home ” Neelima how much do you have in your curent account” “umm..may be 100$” “alright keep that in mind and shop for stuff” ” ok!” once done guy at the counter ” its in total 131.00$ ” me -“!@!@#@$@!$” neelima – “@$@!$!$@$$$@!$” . ” Please hold the bill , we will be back in minute ” ” Neelima I have my laptop” “and mobile internet? ” luckily yes!” “I think I will transfer between accounts” and that way we finally paid up for the bill. Thanks to my ISPs coverage and broadband modem I have

I finally recieved my card today , I am waiting on my pin now

This might sound funny for many, but for me this was more of an embrassment – reason-  I keep on loosing stuff and i dont like that.

Footnote: How do I know Durga? Frankly speaking I still dont know her. We met on CE almost 2 years back. We have spoken few times and chat almost every alternate date. Every time I do, I find her very interesting, funny and versatile. I guess that is how much I know Durga.

5 thoughts on “GPVD: Who Cares Less?

  1. Hmmm… was a funny incident, a comedy of errors….sorry, didn’t mean to laugh at your expense, but couldn’t stop myself. 😛
    Just be careful next time. 🙂
    P.S. Was this the time when you had trouble with the ICICI’s system?

  2. @ Patty,
    No prize for guesssing :(, yes- in total i neither had access to my Australian account nor to the Indian account.The final straw ( before the 131$ incident was when i realized I had dropped the 20$ what I borrowed from Deba,I still remember what he said when he gave it to me – ” 20$ kaafi haine? theek haine…ye agle 2-3 din keliye use karle” , i was speechless.
    and when I told him I lost his 2-3 ka my expenses, he was speechless.

    @ Mayur,
    Thanks for the intro there. But did you ever realize I ping you when at work :P. Since gtalk is kinda official mode of communication, I generally have no problem keeping the windows open.

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