GPSD: Some Thing from the School Days!

Anniversary week special guest post by Shilpa Deshpande

This is something that happened when I was in the 8th grade. I prided myself on being a very strong, fearless and forthright. I also liked to think of myself as a no-nonsense person.

Mine was a co-ed school and most my classmates were at the age where the opposite sex was a subject of supreme interest. Everyone had flings or were rumored to have flings with someone or the other in school. The normal ones were supposed ‘chakkars’ between peers. 8th graders with 8th graders. The really A-list ones were where girls from my class had boyfriends from higher classes. One such ‘chakkar’ was between this really pretty girl in my class(lets call her M) and this good looking, albeit on the rough side, 11th class boy(P).She had confided in me one fateful day when I helped her with her social studies homework and warned me that I shouldn’t let anyone know about this because otherwise P will ‘take badla’ (exact revenge) from me. I said ya ya and forgot about it(about the badla part). And so it happened that I was sitting with my gang of 5 girls who had nothing but gossip on mind during a free period. We were talking about how girls of our class are acting stupid in front of guys(you know, the rolling of the eyes, the spring in their step etc) and how they should pay more attention to books. I then accidentally let slip ‘arey M aur P ka chakkar chal raha hain’ and immediately regretted saying that.

Needless to say the news spread like wild fire and it must have reached P, because the next day I saw him standing outside my classroom, with a bunch of burly looking guys, waiting for me. All my fearlessness left me then. As soon as the class bell rang, I meekly ran behind the teacher, pretending to ask him a question, and hence averted P and his goons. I got home and forgot all about it. P didn’t. He caught me in front of the school gate the next morning, as usual flanked by his goony-looking friends. He asked me if I had told the whole school about him and M. I said not the whole school, just S, Pr, So, G and T. He said didn’t M tell you not to tell anyone. I said I forgot. Then, I don’t know where I mustered courage from, but I said I am not scared of you, you must think you are on so strong, and you will ‘take badla’ and all that, but my father is a scientist and he will ‘take badla’ if you do anything to me. At this P and his friends laughed aloud and said ‘we weren’t here to exact revenge or anything, or to hurt you, I only wanted to know the truth. A lot of people know anyway, and who cares. Besides, who cares about a scientist, I am a boxer!’ I breathed a sigh of relief, and felt stupid at the same time. I never looked him in the eye since!

Foot Note: How do I know Shilpa? Well I was randomly searching for some good articles and her take on the Raj-MNS-Congress impressed me a lot. I dug her blog further to get even more impressed by her writing style and her choice of topics. I’m her regular reader now. But I still dont know her. So I guess Shilpa you will have to do your own introduction. Over to you!

7 thoughts on “GPSD: Some Thing from the School Days!

  1. Quite an enchanting, engaging and priceless account. After reading this I can undersatnd how Mayur became a fan of your writing style. Impeccable.

  2. Mayur congratulations on your blog-anniversary. I am on vacation and won’t be back for a week. Hence the delay in responding.

    Prateek thanks for the kind words 🙂

    delhizen – aren’t school days the best?

  3. I have one such schoolie act as well 😛
    it was in class1 I think and we were all playing some kind catch catch ( what ever you call it as) game. I hit a guys (Sh) . I don’t exactly remember why and ran straight to girls room – to escape you see.. he dashed inside it and tried to pull me out. I shouted for teacher- and he had one more slap :-|.
    I tried to say sorry but he was not ready to accept.. and we never spoke to each other till class10

  4. Nice post Shilpa 🙂

    I liked the part- “my father is a scientist and he will ‘take badla’ if you do anything to me”.

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