GPPW: I do

Anniversary week special love story (guest post) by Pallavi Walia

I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? …..Maya was typing away these words. After a point she realized the exercise was futile and just pulled her head down and hid it behind her hands.

“I love you hands Maya, they are the softest I have ever touched and kissed them lightly.” These words from Karthik were buzzing in her head when someone tapped on her shoulder. It was her colleague Neha who laughed looking at the computer screen and said, “Is this a new innovative method to sort out confusion in the head; punch in rather pluck petals”. Ignoring the question, an exasperated Maya just kicked aimlessly in the air and cried out why it is so difficult for me to utter the word Yes?

On one side she could imagine a picture of an almost perfect life with Karthik and on the other side fears clouded her mind about what if doesn’t turn out the way I want it to she thought. Karthik and Maya had met at a conference in Mumbai four years back and friendship happened but somehow neither had cared to keep up with the other regularly.

It was a call on Karthik’s b’day last year that culminated into a deep bond. Followed by a daily dose of ‘must have conversations’, a good morning sms, did you have breakfast checks, leave for home reminders etc etc!  I miss you pangs followed, let me detach away feelings crept in. Hugs and a peck on the forehead became assurances that come what may I am there for you.

For Maya, Karthik was someone who never lost his temper; he observed everything about her from things that made her giggle or pulled down her face to how she pronounced the word ‘really’. And no matter how chitty- chatty Maya would sound he figured out that some things were going on in her mind on the side. He also gave up smoking on the first instance she asked him to. She realized he fit the bill perfectly of her prince charming- but head was coming in the way of her heart.

Infact, Karthik had once suggested to Maya about being together as a couple which she brushed away before he could even complete the sentence. Since then, he never touched upon on any topic that could make her uneasy or push her back into a shell. Karthik knew Maya’s mind raced faster than her heart could catch up with. Even before an incident had taken place she would have thought of all pros, cons and possible solutions. I don’t like to be dodged by circumstances would be her reply in defense.

They knew they were good together but Maya was still not ready. Being the way she was she had thought that Karthik’s conservative Mallu family will not readily accept a Marathi mulgi for their family .What if the cultural differences crop up, what will happen to her job and list of such doubts was long.

Kathik’s parents in the mean time spoke to him about a prospective match but he expressed his disinterest and gave a series of excuses to get away. After all his heart was where Maya was. He decided to muster up courage once again and picked up the conversation. It was a full Moon night, and unlike many that had seen while sharing dreams this one going to witness a transition in their life, Karthik vowed.

Karthik: Maya, why don’t we discuss the doubts that stop you from making a commitment?

Maya: and what will we get out of it?

Karthik: you may just get over your phobia if not anything else, at least give it a shot and more over it’s just with me.

Maya: hmm… okay

Kathik: So shoot all that comes in your mind without any hitch

She started to ask, from issues with folks, to moving cities, her dressing style, inability to cook, wake-up early and all such da-la issues. The conversation went on till dawn.  Maya was done with the session and had nothing more to ask.

Now the only thing left was for Karthik to propose and find out if his honest but carefully crafted words had done the trick or not.

He finally broke the silence and said I am ready to give up on my single status, what about you Maya?

This time she didn’t want to go back and forth and with a glint in her eyes announced I do make that move. Like always she had the last word on the subject;

Karthik, if you stand by my side,

Slip your hand through mine and hold it tight,

Then I will look forward to every morning & count days to the next full moon night!

Foot Note: How do I know Pallavi? Well she came here in search of love stories and has stayed since then. I think its more than a year and half Pal? Is it? We’ve met once and I must say that she is a great person and now a dear friend. Blogging sure is productive. Over to you Pallavi…

7 thoughts on “GPPW: I do

  1. Yep Mayur, it’s been that long. I came to the blog in search of ‘Interesting Love Stories’ and realized I need not look further. Being in a profession where talking gets me my monthly cheq (no I don’t work in a call center) but a PR firm where my speech skills are an asset but on personal front I prefer to type out the words to speak my mind.

    Encouraged by Mayur I started my own blog and though I write love stories very occasionally, I couldn’t think of anything better to contribute for the 2nd anniversary special. Hence ‘I do’!

    Though I can now spot typos in the story, I hope you enjoy reading it.

    Happy to connect!
    Love ….Pallavi aka Delhizen

  2. Et tu Pal? Just to read this guest post I had to break my number one rule. 🙂
    Beautifully written. You are a pretty good story teller yourself. You sent Mayur a contact list of publishers, how about also using it yourself to get a book with your stories published? 🙂

  3. Next- Maya and Karthik are enjoying the feeling of togetherness. Karthik takes her for bike rides to help her get rid of the fear she has from them. And Maya wakes him up every morning so that he can go for a jog to lose his beer belly 🙂

    Welcome to world of love stories Patty, you have lots to catch-up with-click on the stories section on Mayur’s blog and start.

    • Hey Sappy… glad you liked the story

      waiting for the offline comments, I wonder what more you have to say/ask ;):)

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