GPPV: A Max Toast

Anniversary week special guest post by Prateek Varma!

So it has been 2 years since Mayur shifted to WordPress. He started his innings in the blogging world on Blogspot in 2007, but didn’t take it seriously, until the creative bug bit him hard at WordPress and he has been at it since then. I was going through his earlier posts and I saw that no one has ever reviewed his blog. I know it will be puny of me to try and review a blog that has been around for quite a while and that gets as many hits a minute as the number of times I think about starting my studies in a day (I think about it a lot, so don’t scorn or sneer).

Now, this blog as I have already said and we all know has been around since 2 years now. And in those two years we have witnessed the growth of Mayur as a writer. A writer par excellent if I may add. He has shown versatility many would give their right arm to have. From witty articles to emotional love stories, his views on current affairs to writing on controversial topics, movie reviews to his own personal views, he has been there and done it. His love stories demand a special reference because I believe they are responsible for more than half the traffic on his blog. I have not read even a single one of these masterpieces; nothing against him it’s just that I don’t read love stories and watch romantic movies because of a personal reason or rather….……. But I do read the comments on it, and from them I can conclude that they must be awesome.

Not only a writer but Mayur is also a shutterbug. Another thing his blog is quite famous for is the POW (Picture of the Week). Again, the snaps are exceptionally well taken and each picture shows what a multitalented person Mayur is. Practice makes a man perfect and that saying is true for his snaps. Each new flash from his camera seems to produce an image better than the previous.

Furthermore, he has been quite supportive of other’s talents. I know many people who were inspired to write after reading this blog and the GPOW or Guest Post of the Week further strengthens my case.

The tagline of the blog says, “Not your glass of vodka.” Yes, it surely is not a glass of vodka, but a rather a table full of cocktails and mocktails. Everyone can find something of his/her liking.

In all I can say, that the immaculate writing skills, the acute sense for photography and impeccable and proficient way in which Mayur blends all these together to make the MaxMayur’s Blog is exceptional. It is this and his passion for writing that creates an essence of ensures that the reader would return back for more.

And now I propose a toast to the Max Blog and Max Mayur who created it. Happy Anniversary for the Blog and many more to come.

Foot Note: I know Patty aka Prateek Varma for 2 years. We have become good friends since we met on CE, though we haven’t met yet. Patty, thanks for the review. Can you introduce yourself further?

16 thoughts on “GPPV: A Max Toast

  1. Oh! That’s such a well- written review, Patty. Since you haven’t expanded on the love stories bit, I will take the liberty of doing so.

    The most special thing about them is that they look at love ‘holistically’ and not just the usual run-of the mill stuff.

    Mushy love, attraction beyond marriage, the beautiful brother-sister bond, lover’s tiff to the runaway bride, proposals to broken & mended relationships… each facet of the word ‘LOVE’ is covered & conveyed.

    Its time for him to be a published author now with a book (s) to his credit.

    ‘Jiyo’/ 3 three cheers to the blogger and his blog who inspires many to write.

    PS: no exaggeration or bias in this statement – it is a concoction of love, admiration and respect!

  2. Aww that is so well written. I like your stories. They are well written and create enough suspense by way of story and by being posted in parts! Congrats on completing the 2 year mark.

  3. Thank You Pal and Shilpa. And thanks Pal for adding that one missing paragraph 😉
    Furthermore, I feel honoured that one of my works has begun the celebrations.

    Introduce myself? My name in Prateek Varma. I am a hybrid (Punjabi Father and Sikh Mother) so am kind of more dangerous. And I come from a family that has a recorded military history going back to 4 generations. As far as I am concerned, I have to create my own destiny and the day I do something that will leave an impact on the world, that will be my true introduction.

    P.S. You could have met me the last time you came to Delhi but as you said my phone was not reachable. But this time whenever you come to Delhi, you will be staying in my house. If not then I assure you, I will bury you alive.

  4. Nice review Patty 🙂 Couldn’t have summed it better.

    And yeah I love Mayur’s love stories. I am waiting to see a movie based on one of them very soon. 😀

  5. I guess you all have been too generous with the comments. Any way, thanks again. I’m glad to have admirers. You have all been blogging buddies, sisnce I haven’t met most of you. It is nice to have readers like you and even nicer to read from writers like you 🙂

    Gaurav’s post is now live.

  6. I keep coming here and read good stuff. Since the blog has been here for 2 years, there is always so much to read.

    @Prateek: You are making yourself sound very stupid by telling us that you dont read his love stories. If you read one, you will read all. You can bet with me on that.

    Its like lays… no one can eat (read) just once. 😀

    Congrats Mayur

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