Airtel! Stop Making Extortion Calls!

This is my humble request to Airtel and their agents.

I was a loyal customer of Airtel. However given their substandard network in Mumbai which ceases to catch a network tower at half the locations, I was contemplating a shift. Couple of months back the billing department became creative and added a couple of services I didn’t subscribe. Follow ups didn’t yield any result. Finally, after considering the increasing late fees on the outstanding amount, I decided to absorb the loss of few hundreds and paid the bill few days back.

Despite paying the bill, I got threatening emails and calls from recovery agents. I told the first one that I have made the payment. Two days later another guy called on my office land line asking for the outstanding money. Yesterday they called my friend on his mobile asking where I am and told him that I have not paid the bill. Couple of minutes back my boss told me that he got a call from Airtel with a similar story. Man! This is height of audacity!

I dont know how on earth you Airtel guys got my office land line number or the number of my friend (an Idea customer) or my boss (a Tata Indicom customer).  And what are you following for? I have already made my payment. I could upload the receipt. But I’m not able to do so because I cant access my account online (as always) as your server is down  (as always again. This is what the error I get.

Bharti Airtel

Since system maintenance is in progress, you will not be able to access your web account. Please try after sometime.
We regret the inconvenience caused.

I’m warning you guys. If you try to extort a non existent over due again, I’ll file a police complaint! And I mean it.


6 thoughts on “Airtel! Stop Making Extortion Calls!

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  3. I have such awkward experiences with ICICI. They p***ed me to maximum. The heights being – I called them, waited and listened to that bloody IVR for say some 29 mins, waited for the support person to turn up for another 10 mins ( intermittent with a constant note- “we appreciate your patience” played over and over. When I told him the problem- even before he knew what I said he said this ” please wait mam, i will direct you to main menu- please enter your account number and pin number there ” ( WTF@#$) and put me back to the exact position where I started the call. He least bothered to tell me – where and how I could crack the IVR to enter account and pin number :-S. I gave up.

  4. I have never been in favor of Airtel. My faves have always been Reliance ( I know ppl are surprised) and Vodafone.

    Anyway I think, should they continue doing so, you should definetely go to the consumer court.

    PS: IVRs are a pain. By the time you navigate through the options and (if lucky) speak to the support person you would have forgotten what had you called for 😛

  5. Hi Durga,

    We are the customer service team at ICICI Bank and are sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us with your contact details and your specific query at mentioning the subject line as ‘UID 437771’. We’ll be glad to contact you and help you with your concerns as soon as possible.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

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