Badmaash Company

What a new hairstyle Shahid. Anushka, you have an amazing body and a great screen presence. Meiyang Chang and Vir Das, you guys have a great chemistry and complement the screen very well. Sadly there is nothing else to write about this movie. Pathetic songs, run of the mill, tried, tested and battered plot, far to predictable outcome and even more detectable end. There is nothing to review about it. So why am I writing about this movie at all? Is it because I have a policy of reviewing really bad or really good movies? Not really!

A movie with a drab story line and loose script has been picked up really well by the leads performing on screen. First and leading the pack is Shahid Kapoor. I think he has come a long way and has been steadily stepping in to the shoes of actors in the big league. He plays Karan Kapoor, a son of an ‘imaandar’ employee who feels getting an award for a distinguished service for 25 years is much more than earning big bucks. Karan obviously disagrees and conceives a plan to get quick bucks by shrewdly importing shoes and evading customs. He is joined by his friends, Chandu, a wannabe film actor/producer/whatever played by Vir Das, Zing- a guy from north east leading a drunken aimless life and of course the sexy wannabe model Bulbul Singh played by Anushka. The movie there on follows a predictable plot of crooked deals, bribes, troubles, fleeing to US for better prospects, the emotional drama, the separation, getting caught and then sort of a reincarnation.

What keeps you glued to the screen are some riveting scenes between the lead actors and sterling performances from the leading actors. Both Vir Das and Chang do justice to their roles. Anushka Sharma had already shown us in Rab ne bana di jodi that she could act too. And the leading lady proves it again. Though she didn’t have any strong and demanding scenes to show her acting prowess, she does well in whatever she ‘s got. Moreover she’s got an expressive face, add to that an amazing body. And Shahid, well I think he has got a knack of selecting run of the mill scripts and delivering stellar performances each time. Whether it is Dil Mange More, Kismat Connection, Chance pe Dance or Badmaash Company, Shahid fits and delivers the boy next door image to perfection.

You may watch this flick if you have nothing else to do and if you can tolerate a predictable plot. Enjoy!

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