Death for Kasab… so what?

Ajmal Aamer Kasab, the infamous terrorist, the only one of the 12 attackers captured alive has finally been sentenced to death. Lot of people celebrated, lot of them also distributed sweets and burnt crackers. The head line in today’s TOI read death for the one who gave death. Its good that justice has been imparted to those who suffered ‘only in 18 months’ of time. However the entire episode gives me a very sombre feeling.

Ajmal Kasab was possibly the smallest possible pawn in the LeT battalion. He was sent on a death mission. They were told to kill as many people as they could. Because their perpetrators knew that they were going to die eventually. While others died, Kasab survived to become the blue eyed boy of the world media. Even the interrogations didn’t reveal any thing. We all knew LeT was behind it. We all knew he was trained in Pakistan. We also knew who these people are and what are their motives. So Kasab didn’t reveal any thing extra. He actually couldn’t. Because he didn’t know about it. The fact that no attempt was made to save or kill him tells us how important he was/is for his masters.

It is said that the government spent almost 80 crores to keep him alive ans secured. All that money could have been saved if PSI Vishwas Patil’s bullet would have hit his chest instead of shin. In any case, he was of no value to us. But sadly it didn’t and we captured him alive, spent all that money to try him and then finally we are killing him. It might give us a good feeling that finally the person responsible for the death of martyrs like Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and others was judiciously punished. But the real ones who conspired the entire plot and the ones who are still running the terror army in Pakistan are still alive. Justice will not be imparted and peace not restored till all such people are put to death.

Though the trial of Ajmal Kasab didn’t go the same way as of 1993 blasts, I have my doubts if he will be hanged in next 5 years at least. Maulana Masood Azhar, whom we couldn’t try in time was freed by the terrorists by holding the Indian Airlnes Flight IC 814 at ransom. He later went on to establish Jaish-e-Mohammad and unleashed a spate of terror activities on us. Another freed terrorist along with Masood, Ahmed Omar Saeed murdered the journalist Daniel Pearl before conspiring to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks on US. They are all alive and free. Mohammad Afzal Guru, who conspired to attack the Indian Parliament in 2001 has also been sentenced to death. However almost 9 years after the incident, he is still alive and waiting for a hearing on his clemency petition. He is not the only one. In fact he is 7th on the list of 50 people. With Ajmal Kasab also applying for it, will he be the 51st person? You never know.

3 thoughts on “Death for Kasab… so what?

  1. Ajmal Amir Kasab,the only terrorist caught alive for 26/11.The court has made a clear verdict, to hang this red handed gunman.The Indian formal, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also commented to the view that this red hander has now no right to live on the motherland of india where he openly fired 166 innocents and spoiled the lives of thousands.Kasab should be given such a worst punsihment as no terrorist could have thought in thier dreams yet and in future get scares to listen the same

  2. He should have killed on the first day and save those 80C.
    Waste of time and money!

    See the drama even further there will be even news coming for not hanging him, human rights etcetc.. shit things

  3. I was worried that he wont be given the death penalty thanks to stupid human rights groups protesting! One step in the right direction. Better hang him rather than have our people kidnapped and have to release him in Afghanistan/Pakistan like what happened with Maulana Masood Azhar.

    If only we can find that hangman now!

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