Back in the League

April has been a busy month with the start of the new financial year, some urgent deals, last weeks of Rati’s pregnancy and the birth of our son dominating the bulk of the proceedings. I hardly found my feet on the blog. And understandably so because of my intrigued involvement and the happiness of the new born as well as the urgency at the work place. However, things have normalised and I’m back to what I think I can do best… write!

Update time. Chhotu is doing good. He is coping well with corrupt world here on earth. And looks like he has adopted well too. We have decided on the name. But I’m not declaring it yet. I’ll do so very soon. I have also shared some pics on my facebook account. Those who are connected to me will know. Rati is also doing great. Although she is just getting out of her pregnancy blues, she has had a natural delivery. Meaning she will be back on her feet within few weeks. Rest every thing is good. Every one at home are extremely happy and all mesmerised with the arrival of the new born.

I had been reading blogs of all my friends and commented wherever and whenever I can all the while when I wasn’t writing. I hope you guys will be back to my blog and my posts soon. There are many things to be written, including a couple of stories. Just give me some time to settle. By the way, only Prateek has agreed to write guest post. What about others? No one is interested? Ladies and Gentlemen… What happened? Seems I will have to send individual emails. No problem, I’ll do so. Till that time, CIAO!


6 thoughts on “Back in the League

  1. Alright if that is the case then I’ll suggest some topics. I’ll tag each one of those who I want to invite. May be people will respond then. 🙂

  2. So big daddy is back with a bang…! 🙂 🙂

    good to see you back in action, Mayur! blogging scene without your posts is indeed dull

  3. Was traveling to Chd for a conference and made a stop over at Ambala. Just got back today morning.

    Saw Junior’s pic on FB- he is such a cutie; (touchwood).lotsa kisses to him.

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