Thats what my son is going to call me!    🙂

I have become a proud father of a cute little baby boy today. My words know no boundaries today. In fact I’m speechless to tell you how happy I am. Thank you Dr. Malti Bhojwani, Dr. Romica Kapoor both gynaecologists from Bhopal and Dr. Ashwini Syal, neo natal surgeon and child specialist again from Bhopal for bringing my chhotu to life. Also thanks to Dr. Sangeeta C and Dr. Kavita Mehta from Lok Hospital Thane for their gynaecological advice, early diagnosis and for physician support that saved my wife from a pregnancy threatening disease in her 5th month. Thank you parents and all our well wishers. This couldn’t have been better.

I’m a father now. Man!

20 thoughts on “Daddy!

  1. Congratulations and celebrations, let the world know how happy you can be
    Cangratulations and jubilations ….la la la lalala la la la la la la

    So have you decided his name yet?

  2. Congratulations Mayur…… really good to see the happiness in the blog…. so i can imagine how it would be in reality…. and all the wishes to your wife and new born…….

  3. Best news in a long time!!! hail Chotu….

    eager to see his pics.. do share soon
    lotsa love to you, Rati and the Prince charming 🙂

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