Come Back You Idiots!

My Mother in Law is a teacher. My father was also a teacher for a long duration. There are many others who have been teachers by choice. Every year these teachers help millions of students to learn their roots, appear examinations and pass them. Most of these students go for higher studies, where they meet more teachers. Many of them go outside India, mostly to the USA… and they dont come back! It hurts the teachers, the country and me. Come back you Idiots!

I recently heard (and heard it very late) that now a days the kids are not supposed to be detained in the same classes if they fail to clear the examinations. If students fail to clear their papers, a re-examination is conducted and easy papers are set so that they could go to the higher classes. In fact the teachers and the education ministry have a mandate not to fail the students unless absolutely necessary. The only exams they have a chance to fail are the SSC or HSSC. The education boards are doing so much to keep upgrading the syllabus so that students are allowed to learn what they want to, and save them from the agony of failing as well. And yet the students banish the system and go out. Sorry, go to USA.

I read two contrasting surveys recently. Interestingly only 3 American colleges featured in the top 10 engineering colleges (MIT, Stanford and California-Berkerley). Whereas two Indian institutes (IIT Kharagpur and IISc Bangalore) made it to the list. One was Mexican, three were Chinese, One was Australian and one was from Singapore. Yet, another survey said that 86% of the students prefer studying in the United States. I can safely conclude that people go to United States not for quality education but just for the heck of it. This post from Durga highlights the fact.

Alright this is still okay. I dont mind students going to the USA for studying. But guys why dont come back? I know you have the high education loans to take care of. In the first place, you shouldn’t have gone for an education loan to go and study in a substandard university. And second, you make it as an excuse to stay there as long as you can. Dont you do that? C’mon guys! This is really idiotic.

Please dont give me the crap that we dont have enough opportunities in India. What opportunities did Larry Page need or had when he launched Google? What opportunities Mark Zuckerberg needed to develop Facebook? What opportunities you would have needed to build a google chrome or a yahoo messenger… or an IP messenger? What great have YOU done since the time you decided to desert your motherland for better opportunities?

Come back you idiots! Your country needs you! You need your countrymen. We have work to do.


27 thoughts on “Come Back You Idiots!

  1. Ok so I HAVE to comment. I am one of the idiots who left out country to pursue my masters in a US university. I could have very well waited another year to give my GATE and get a good percentile and try to get admission to the IITs / IISC but I took the easier route and went to a ‘moderately good’ school(it is top 10 in the US) instead. And with the intention of returning as soon as possible. Well, it’s been a couple of years since I finished studying and the husband finished his PhD and in the back of our mind we know we want to go back but life has a way of putting you in a spin and make things work the way it wants them to. I am not justifying my choices, just saying that don’t knock the intentions of the ‘idiots’. There might be thousands like us who aren’t in it for the dollars(we didnt even need a loan, we both were funded by out univ), but are just here by happenstance and work is keeping us tied. Just saying!

  2. @Shilpa: Dont take it personally. I dont know you. We haven’t met. We haven’t talked either. So I dont know what kind of person you are. But reading your blogs and this comment gives me a comfort feeling. Glad there are people like you who want to come back. What bugs me is the attitude of those who go there for the glitz and then curse the system back here.

    Come On man! America developed because the people decided to develop it. There were idols like Bill Gates, Larry Page and others. The people followed them and innovated. In India, we followed the Americans. Not their innovations, the Americans!

    It really hurts when a person who have spent a good 22 years of his life here in India, studied and had a ball of a time on the ‘tapri’ behind the engineering college, dreamt of a future… comes back and says India sucks.

    What do you think I could have done?

  3. I agree that every system works to perfection from the bottom up. And so we need to really work and invest time/material for India to reach a status of a developed country. It is easy to compare US and India when you have been living outside for a considerable amount of time, but India amazes me everytime I come back. The amount of progress and change makes me feel that we are on the right track. I felt that strongly when I saw how efficient e-seva made interactions with government in AP.
    Yeah completely understand your frustration with folks who say things about the same country they lived in for 20+ years. Like somehow 5 years changed them so much that they forgot that there is garbage on the roads, and there is pollution and sewer on the roads sometimes, and we share our infrastructure with cows and buffaloes. What they also forget is that in turn you are in a land you can call home, participate in political discussions without being labeled an outsider, go anywhere you like without the need to have an id on you etc!

  4. Why do you want them to come back? You can’t ensure the comforts they currently enjoy. …and are you underestimating the potential of the ones who didn’t opt to go to other country for higher education?

    No one wants to come back and ‘create new opportunities’. People mostly go abroad not for education; but for better quality of life. Why are you asking them to give up on all the luxuries and come back?

    I’m quite happy that people move to other countries. At least it leaves us with lesser crap here 😉

    (Not Personal)

  5. Why are you asking them to come back Mayur? They left us, we didn’t ask them to go out.

    Shipladesh has laid her point in the two comments she has written. It was her decision. Was she right or wrong? I am no one to judge and I am not going to. Moreover she doesn’t owe me or any other reader of this blog any explanations.

    But I speak for myself and I say that I would rather live and die on the streets of this nation I call home, serving her and taking her to a glorious future rather than stay and work in another country. If things were in my hands I would close the doors of this nation on all the people who left for greener pastures and then want to return to stake claims when the economy is on the rise.

  6. Oh have I stirred a hornets nest?

    @Shilpa: As I said, nothing personal. I know there are many like you who (still) love the country despite staying out for a long time. But I also know some who come from a rural background, who worked hard to land up there in USA, who stayed there for like 7-8 years? and now speak Marathi/Hindi as if Brett Lee or Adam Gilchrist has just learnt it. You dont remember your country, fair. You curse the living conditions in India, fair. But you forget your mother tongue? Man! I wish I had a gun and a license to operate it.

  7. @Biggie: You know a few of them, dont you? I remember a talk on one of our evening walks when you had cursed them for the very reason. They were crap, really!

    @Patty: I want them back because due to some jug heads like these, many other talented young resources are getting self-brain washed. So let us put a plug for all.

    Of all the NRIs I have spoken to, almost 90% or higher talk only about the life in USA (of foreign as they call it.) No one talks about the education or the money. All they talk about is booze, metros, girls and weather. Bull ****!

  8. Good point to debate :). It is everyone’s personal choice to live wherever they want to. I dont feel odd if anybody wants to settle down in other country. Everyone wants a good life. Some shift to other cities and some to countries.

    While reading this post i asked myself a question…Am i doing anything for my country?? NO, I am not. And i am sure very few people actually doing anything. We find multinational companies more lucrative than national companies. We are proud to work in American firms although we work for cheap. Whats wrong in going to USA and earn as good as any American guy? Of course this will change someday.

    Last week i read a news in local news paper. A 2nd yr engg guy from rural college near Nagpur, who runs a mobile repairing shop developed a radio controlled helicopter which can be operated from a mobile phone. He mounted a vga cam on this helicopter and the images can be viewed on cell phone. Isn’t it a great invention? This guy even developed the software. How many people think that government will take note of this? If majority is NO, then India still lack of opportunities. Gov should find such talented people and provide all necessary facilities to stop them going to other countries.

    It will hurt me more, if this guy opt to stay in country and work in any American based software company.

  9. The other day I met this young girl who did her masters in law from Harvard and tried hard to get job there but couldn’t so had to come back.. but is India worth being only a second choice or an option because you have no where else to go???

  10. @Big K – I agree with you. People settle abroad mostly for better quality of life and not education and WHY NOT?

    @ Mayur – I don’t know exactly where your frustration is coming from. “Come Back You Idiots!” is a very strong expression. You say that “It really hurts when a person who have spent a good 22 years of his life here in India…. ”

    There life was good only until they found something better. Besides, why should one be grateful to India for having spent 22 “good ” years here. It was his fate to be born here but a matter of personal choice to move somewhere else for reasons he or she knows the best.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong if a person who has spend 22 “good” yrs in Dombivali moves to the US and cribs about power cuts in India on return and wishes to settle in the US for better life….

    Mohan Bhargava is only good to watch in movies….

    P.S. Dombivali was only an example here…

  11. as long as I have INDIAN passport I hold every right to comment 😛
    everything is already said in posts, comments . People make choices, that’s as simple and choices are based on priorities. there are 1 billion people in INDIA, even if you cut down old and children , you still have HUGE population of youth who are capable of changing. instead of calling the lost people- can we point out what exactly have this % of youth developed INDIA into?
    I am not supporting anyone, but tell me what will you do when you find a dirty public bench to sit ( mind you – I am not comparing dirty to INDIA here), do you clean or you find another place- thinking cleaning is not my job but a public servant’s job?? the answer to this question will answer you why many people don’t bother cleaning up the clutter back at home but rather move to place which is already cleaned up.
    See, the mentality of students is same everywhere – very few bother about their liking and they are the ones shining. The other day I over heard this conversation in Uni lab ” due to NBN project in AUS, TELECOM has moved up the priority job list- I should have taken Telecom – I would have got my PR( permanent residency) easily” and this was not by INDIAN students. So there is no specific reason why INDIAN student opting for better life needs to be called back – its their choice. I know few friends of mine who are still waiting for opportunities back in US -after completing their MS 1 yr ago. they just don’t want to go back.
    It’s simple that people in INDIA expect that whoever goes abroad returns rich. They don’t want to return without being rich.
    and people who have jobs here- unless and until they are really inclined to go back home I really don’t think they would give a thought . There are in fact many INDIAN associations which celebrates all festivals here , thus they really don’t miss their culture.
    … looks like someone really thinks people residing outside are ‘crap’. Sorry not really. We do our bit from here. We donate funds for schools, we fund a poor child’s studies and have monthly deductions for orphanages. So may be calling crap is not right.

  12. @All: I’ll answer all comments separately. But all I wanted to say was, “Go out if you want to. But dont be so selfish to ignore your motherland completely. At least dont curse the life in India if you can not improve the quality of life here.”

    You might develop a taste for food from 5 Star hotels. But does it mean you will start hating the simple daal roti your mother cooks for you? The answer is no and there shouldn’t be any debates on it.

  13. I am with Durga. There could be so many young Indians who stayed back in India who actually never care for the country and make things worse for people around(domestic abusers, people who bribe etc), likewise there would be so many people outside India who actually care for the country. Not everyone who stays is a gem and not everyone who leaves is crap.
    One more thing I would like to stress is that just because someone has stayed back does not mean they have all the love for bharat mata. You don’t have to shout from the rooftops to show that, it is seen in the way people behave, and the respect you give to one another. I know there is nothing personal in the post or in the comments, but I think I have a right to speak for thousands like me who could feel maligned!

  14. Thanks Shilpa.

    @ Mayur: see none of us are curry bashers here. We like our nation as much as what you do. There are many instances when people have retuned back to INDIA to do some good. But the whole point what I tried to make was ” Why rely on those who made choices, why to expect from people over whom you have no right to abuse/ ask”, why not just let them go . Why be in a perspective that people are leaving? why not think ” let them go- we still have people to work with”. Why are people who make choices are been subjected to so much of ambush? Its more like -make the most of what you have- not what you have lost”

    I am ending my discussion here.

  15. There are many examples like the one mentioned by Ajay (sushthoughts) which need attention. You know, frankly I’m sick of reading the ‘Proud to be an Indian’ emails which tell me how many Indians work with NASA or how many doctors in US are Indians. Who are you fooling guys? Do any one of you know about Lifeline express? Read this-

    You guys have made your own choices and moved ahead. No problem, from now on I’ll never comment or ask people to come back. I’ll also never react and get sad when my brothers will curse my motherland and tell me about the corruption. Why should I? I have no right to ask people to make their decisions in the country’s favor. Why should I talk about the people who only mention the glitz and glamour and not the productive things when they come back to India? Why should I tell them that they are setting bad examples in the minds of young, innocent and talented engineers who will mortgage their father’s property to get the tag of ‘Phoren return’? I have no right!

    I want to quote an incidence just for the sake of sharing. Few years back, I was invited by an RSS run school to teach a small group of students in an ‘ashram shala’ near Nagpur. There were handful of students coming from small naxal infected villages. My father had been doing that and thought I could join him too. I went with a mindset that there would be a bunch of dumb heads with no knowledge of any thing. But to my amazement, these students were extremely intelligent in all manners. Their grasping power was more than the engineers we have at the IT department of our office. Some of them had extraordinary talent. My father showed me the paintings of wildlife, the models (of a tube well, crushing mill, portable hydro generator) they had made. I almost felt like crying when a kid came to me looking at my laptop and asked if I knew what Java meant. Sadly, I didn’t know much. Such people need support and coaching. And it makes me sad to hear from people that they think our country is turning into crap because of the infighting and corruption. There are many here who do A LOT to develop these people. And you can do much more than donating a part of your salary. Anyway…

    You guys have your own reasons and I have mine. I’m sorry to all those good Indians whose heart still beats for their country, their city, their ‘katta’ and ‘tapri’. I’m with those who want to donate a share of their earnings so that the poor guy can renovate his tapri and build a restaurant. For other, sorry for hurting your sentiments. Period.

  16. @Mayur: Wow, I seem to agree with you. Thats a rare phenomenon.

    @Shilpa: “There could be so many young Indians who stayed back in India who actually never care for the country and make things worse for people around(domestic abusers, people who bribe etc), likewise there would be so many people outside India who actually care for the country. Not everyone who stays is a gem and not everyone who leaves is crap.”

    Now tell me why these lines are always repeated by all the NRIs, whenever such a debate happens. The words differ, but the meaning is always the same.

    @Durga’s Comment: “there are 1 billion people in INDIA, even if you cut down old and children , you still have HUGE population of youth who are capable of changing. instead of calling the lost people- can we point out what exactly have this % of youth developed INDIA into?”

    In answer to this question I can throw numerous newspaper articles, magazines…etc, about young people who have made a difference around them, who are buiding the new India. …

    I am sorry if I sound rude, but I wasn’t trying to be diplomatic either.

    No I am not going to curse anyone, not even the politicians. A nation is built by the people, otherwise it is just a piece of land. It is upto us. “Ask not what the nation can do for you, ask what you can do for the nation.” The nation will be built by the sweat and toil of those who belive in this quotation.

    @All those NRIs who come and talk about the glitz and glamour etc: You don’t love your nation because it is the most powerful, most beautiful, most glamorous, most glitzy or most developed… love your nation because it is your own.

  17. I remember the dialogue from movie Swades..”Its like Apne chaukat ka diya,giving lights to neighbour’s house” I think there is a real madness in current generation to pursue their higher education in ther countries. I have seen my distant cousin taking admission to some crap university just bcoz all his frenz and close cousins have done their masters from some foreign institutes.

  18. Well said Mayur. Rural India is as talented as urban. They just need a right guidance. Imagine if that child get to learn Java. I am sure he will do better than any guy studying in other country. People explore more when they are curious about it.
    I have a friend who did MPharm in india and went to UK for MS (though Mpharm and MS is equivalent). He completed his MS and working as a room service in a hotel. Why to call such idiots to India 😉 I know there are many such people who go for higher studies and end up working in a gas station or grocery shops. India dont need such idiots. We have plenty of talent and we will do good for sure in future.

  19. Wow ! Very good post and comments. Mayur Sir, you rock. !! 🙂 * Am always ready to teach such kids Java free of cost for my entire life 😛 *Just can’t stop myself from sharing a saying with people over here “Wisdom lies not in the acquisition of knowledge but in its application” (Sorry don’t remember exact words). Though I am not good at applying my knowledge in something good but at least always willing to share with those who can apply better than me.

    My input on this- he..he
    But if those abroad people can share their gained knowledge with we poor Indians by just devoting precious time of their life for motherland. Like conducting some sort of sessions(Thankfully ! technology is enough advanced in India also) just by simply sitting there and enjoying their lives also, I guess then both the parties may get benefits and will be happy. 🙂

  20. Alrighty, I was bit rude with “that leaves us with lesser crap here” thing. I personally do not think people who stay in India really care about India. I know couple of people who really care for India: Ramdeobaba, Me, My Sister and Mayur (new addition to the list).

    Those who left India cannot be blamed (I’ve learned that blaming ain’t good, anyway!). They left because they had their own reasons. We can have no expectations from them. Why should we have any expectations from NRIs and others?

    Those who really care for India have to create opportunities for others. This is a difficult task.

    @Mayur: Come back to Nagpur, Idiot! You grew up in Nagpur and then moved to Pune/Mumbai for your own selfish reasons (money, better lifestyle(?)), huh? You’ve spent lot of time in the West (Mumbai). 😛

    …then write such posts.


  21. A lot of heated up discussion here.

    As Big K keeps saying, “Where there are less facilities, there lie maximum number of opportunities.”

    Very true.

    And yes, those who really care for India have to create opportunities for others, who in-turn will create more and more opportunities for others. And then it’s a chain reaction. 🙂

    People who are and will be staying here are going to be the makers of the future (good or bad).

  22. I was expecting that comment. And who better than you Kaustubh? But I wonder why you didn’t say it in your first comment itself. May be perhaps you could have said come back to Vidarbha first and then to Nagpur. And in the next, you might want to say come back to Gitti Khadan… where we spent our precious 4 years.

    See my post was misunderstood a bit. I directed it to those who go there on the pretext of studies, get used to the life style and the glamour and then forget their country. I know (and you know) many such people who do that. It was for them. I have had an intriguing discussion with Durga who was hurt by my post and the comments. She seems to be one of those Indians who are getting increasingly frustrated by the socio-political system in India.

    By the way I didn’t travel to Mumbai for a selfish reason. Though I agree that I did travel to Pune for a better quality education, which I received. But later it was only the chance and not the choice, which made me to stay in Mumbai. I’m not an admirer of lifestyle of Mumbai (though its a great city). But I know with the kind of opportunities existing here, I’ll be able to do a lot sitting here, even for Nagpur. The example I cited above was from a village Salekasa near Chandrapur. My father has been doing lot of camps in those areas, teaching students and trying to bring them at par with the children in cities. I dont like it saying but I have funded some of the initiatives. Had he been an NRI, he might not have gone to the area at all, forget helping the needy children. And one fine day, half of them would have been killed and the rest would have joined the Naxals. Then you and me would have been debating about the sorry state of Indian Security forces, political system and what not.

    My request to all those who have gone out of India- Its good that you guys went out to obtain the better quality education. But it will be great if you part a small piece of it for those who could not afford to go. Your country needs you… in whichever way you can help her.

  23. Why are you insisting that those who’ve left India should come back? Why do you think India needs them? Don’t blackmail them emotionally.

    India only needs people who can create opportunities here and make rupee stronger. We need people who can create opportunities for others. We need people who can be in powerful positions without being corrupt.

    Why target those who’ve left? I’m sure we’ve many who fit in above category.

  24. We dont need them, people go with different aspirations but mostly my friends left for easy money!
    They considered it as a opportunity to earn huge money! have a luxorious life etc etc..
    There are people like mentioned above Shilpa who care but cant come for some reasons, we need these kind of people. Since these people will not blame India. But the others do it.

  25. I keep coming back for some reason!
    One more thing I wanted to really put out. Most commentators seem to think that going abroad for monetary reasons is bad. But what is bad with that? Tell me why some of you are in IT instead of being civil servants? Why are you working for multinationals and outsourcers? Let us not think that pursuing money is bad. It is but human to think about money and let us accept that!
    Also, I will be a little wary of nationalism. We all are patriotic but I don’t understand it when people go about beating their chests claiming their patriotism. We all do things because we want to do them, not because it benefits our country! And there is no shame in that.

  26. Shilpadesh is right Mayur. You can not force people to take a decision in any country’s favor. All things aside, money is important. There is no harm in going for money. But it shuld not go to your head. If you ask me, be loyal to the country you stay or where you earn your livelihood. It is important to be a good human being irrespective of who you serve. Need to keep one’s conscience intact.

    Having said that, Mayur I think you got frustrated when your friends bad mouthed our country. But why are you calling them back? The people who have gone there for comforts will be of no good even if they come back. Even if all of them come back, what have we planned for them? How will we accommodate them? They will come with higher propensity to spend, which will contribute to price rise. May be I’m going off the topic. But these are true concerns.

    It is good to know the initiatives your father takes. Why not highlight them and ask people to contribute? Finger pointing will do no good.

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