OMG !!!

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On my way home few days back, I picked up a pet bottle of 7up. The label read ‘New and Improved lime and lemon flavour’. But when I drank it, it tasted the same. Now I dont need to tell you that 7up (or for that matter, Sprite) is just a carbonated sugar water. And I bloody paid 24 bucks for a ‘new and improved lime and lemon’ flavoured carbonated sugar water. Feeling cheated eh? I did!

I decided to check other such products whose marketing team might have cheated on me or many other such people around me. The first one I spotted was a Bajaj Pulsar DTSSi. I remember an old Pulsar who had an equally powerful engine as the new one. And it didn’t have an adjective to define its power. Then came DTS, then DTSi, then DTSSi and now a DTSFi is also in the offing. Now if I understand correctly, DTS means ‘digital twin spark’. But I dont know what it means to Bajaj. And I’m sure by the time I add another 40 years to my life, Bajaj will add at least 100 permutations and combinations of the entire 26 alphabets.

Bajajs are not the only ones. The Ariel I use says it has some ‘anti stain chargers’. So is it some thing like Deccan chargers? Not only Ariel, all its competitors have some or the other fancy ‘some thing’ inside them. May it be dirt magnets or active oxygen or stain busters or what not. And there are many others… a ‘DNIe’ television, a ‘Silver Nano’ washing machine, a ‘Bio Sleep’ air-conditioner, a deo fresh refrigerator and even a ‘thermo some thing’ shirt! I wonder what the ‘exxttrraa’ adjectives have added to the products. They have certainly not added any value to it. Try checking the ingredients of the washing powders of different brands. I’m sure the brands who command a comparable brand value will more or less have similar contents… and similar results.

I also heard a radio ad of a gutkha brand some time back. It said “<snip> khaoge to jeet jaoge”. I’m sure they meant exactly what they said. 🙂   Marketeers are getting creative these days. And they are aptly aided by the creative team from the ad agencies. And when you realise what they are actually playing on and with your mind with their DTSSi and dirt magnets, all you end up saying is OMG and WTF! Let this be an SB- a stress buster.

One thought on “OMG !!!

  1. More than marketing, it is about the capabilities of our brain. We have so much information flowing into our brain every second of our living life and yet do not realise it – because we are not wired to process the humongous amount of information. Therefore our brain puts a filter and tries to simplify the information coming in. Conversely, if simple information is thrown at us, our brain will easily pick it and remember it. This is the only realisation marketers have made. Rest is only detail. So e.g if bajaj gives an ad saying ” our bikes now have improved digitial spark twins that make it more efficient blah blah blah …” we would hardly be interested in reading till the end, let alone remember it. Saying DTSi is much more simpler even though 99% junta would not know what it is. Their brains wouldnt care less. The adjective represents something. That “something” excites people.

    The next level depends on the law of diminishing marginal utililty. How long can you run a DTS before buyers get bored with it. The extra “i” is to provide newness

    Marketers are good pshycologists.


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