The Meetings!

Office meetings are always so funny. Every time we have a meeting, I remember Scott Adams. If there is one guy who has understood the corporate world well, it is him. And boy, how well he captures it.  🙂

This incident is from one of our review meetings in the office last week. The bosses were discussing the usual and the obvious, as usual. I listened to it for some time. But then I found out that I was invited only to make sure that each of these bosses have at least one listener (me) who will look at them and pay attention. That was injustice man, and without any perks too. Of course, there are those bourbon biscuits and wafers. But the idiot office boys keep those plates in front of the bosses. So even that ‘perk’ is gone.    😦

I decided I had had enough. I opened my laptop and started the old favourite gtalk. Then started the series of pings. Hello to him, Hi to her… boy I was all over the gmail. Just when I was discussing one’s prospective groom on one window, telling a friend how boring it is on the other and discussing a break away proposal on the third I realised that the conference room had gone silent. Every one was looking at me, some of them in anticipation and one of them (my boss of course) in anger. All I could do was smile, why is it not funny? 🙂

Boy, the meetings are just like the classrooms. You cant even do your own stuff when the teacher is not watching you.

7 thoughts on “The Meetings!

  1. Why do I feel I was one of those chatting with you that day… :), let not get into what we were discussing though 😉

  2. I admire your guts. I couldn’t have been able to do that. If I had, somehow, it would have been a solid point to justify my poor rating. 🙂

  3. @Pallavi: We were into a discussion in the evening. The meeting was in the morning. In any case, the situation was not too different.

    @Prateek: Yeah you are right buddy. We were actually chatting on why you are so weird 😉

  4. Yes meetings are usually like classrooms ;). But meetings are more interesting in a bar rather in meeting rooms. Many times it happened with me, we went for casual party which turned into serious official meetings :).

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