What a Boss Hole!

Boss hole is an analogue to you know what. 🙂

Some times I wonder for once, at least once if I get to show my current and former bosses what a bunch of idiots they were. I swear I would do that… and not be polite at all. There have been times, in fact many times when I just wanted to utter ‘You muffin head, do you understand what you are doing or talking?’ But I couldn’t. Not because I feared losing a job. Because I didn’t find it appropriate. And I have spanked myself many times for ‘not finding it appropriate’.

How do you think a boss should be? Should he lead the way for us or should he use our own suggestions and shabbily present it to us again just to give an impression of creating a value? Not many idiots understand that pretending to be a leader doesn’t make you a leader. Luckily or unluckily for me, I have always had bozos around me. And I SERIOUSLY want to spank each one of them.

Even I have been a boss and lead a bunch of people who might be calling me a dud. I’ll settle it with you later guys. If any of my former bosses are reading this, guys I’m not sorry. But if you think I’m hurting you then this IS probably about you    🙂

10 thoughts on “What a Boss Hole!

  1. There is an old saying…..”Even the most fiercest of men, must learn to heel.” And the “Idiot” bosses are actually a blessing in disguise…..they improve your capabilities in different ways and when you are ready to lead you know what not to do.
    See they taught you to be polite even when you wanted to crack open their respective heads….thats a good technique to know…helps you remain calm in the face of adversity. Plus you learn the true value of a good thing by first experiencing the bad thing.
    And yes Mayur, there are very few born leaders and therefore it was unfair of you to expect your bosses to be one.

  2. Thanks Patty. I think it was comforting. I just wanted to rant this here as I couldn’t take any more.

    Shit! When on earth is my business gonna take off. I’m tired of refusing to lick ass!

  3. I had such a feeling only against one boss of mine. When ever he used to turn up – i would pretend that i dont understand what he spoke – then he would drift away from me to my collegue ! hehe! But current boss is alright, insense- he atleast gives you the liberty to do what correct and doesnot really pretend he knows it all. So yes, I am kinda happy with current boss

  4. For some reason I was never happy with my bosses. Most of them were bozos. But yes, I admire some of them who really deserved to e bosses. I have picked up few qualities from them.

    One day even I’ll be a boss (very soon). Let us see how I turn out to be … 🙂

  5. may be I wont hold them at fault with this regard, given the fact that they are clueless what we do (except those who are technically into what team mates do-and I know few such), they end up blabbering what they see as right from business perspective and not technical perspective and may be this is the reason why I like my boss( apart from the fact that he is blue eyed :P), that he tells me ” you take the call- you know what’s happening… if you think this is not right just call it off”. thats enough for me to do my work peacefully

  6. I did that. In my first job in Mumbai I had an idiot for a boss who believed in chamchagiri and calling him bhaiya and things like that. Guys started to smoke to merely get into his circle as he himself was a smoker. I told him it wasnt fair, I told him he was being mean and sometimes harming the project. Result? They changed my project!

  7. I guess, I am luckiest of the lot! My Boss is simply the best..:) She is damn good at her work and par excellence as a person…!

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