Baba re Baba…

… Ramdeo Baba!   😀

That chant is so familiar to me. I remember my days when I was studying in Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College in Nagpur. Anyway, this post is not about my college or the chant. This post is about Baba Ramdev and his foray in the active politics. Yes, you heard it right. Baba Ramdev is floating a political party named ‘Bharat Swabhiman’. Dont believe? Check this.

Now this is a great news indeed. Baba Ramdev has already won millions of hearts in India and abroad with his ‘Yog Shiksha’ and medicines. He is a preacher of ayurved and yog. But I wonder how it is going to help him ‘cleanse’ the political set up in India. I’m sure he also knows that running a democracy is NOT JUST about cleansing the corrupt politicians, though I welcome the move.

I also wonder why he didn’t opt to join the RSS and eventually the BJP. RSS has been openly supporting Baba Ramdev. They also stood by him during the controversies he was involved in. They also have the common mission, to cleanse the system and bring back the black money to India. Then why not join hands? I’m sure Baba thought about it. But he knows best about his decision and I’m sure that is an informed decision. (Though I myself dont know what ‘informed decisions’ mean).

So here is my suggestion to Baba Ramdev. “Baba, if you look at the corruption, in my opinion only 10% is amongst the ministers. Rest of the corruption is on the lower level… the traffic cops, the clerks in the government offices, the managers in telcos and all of us. It is we who make them corrupt. Improve the lower strata and you will have a cleaner system.”

Jai ho! Baba re Baba… Ramdeobaba!


10 thoughts on “Baba re Baba…


  2. I’m in support of Ramdeobaba and I’m happy at his decision of entering into politics. See, people would not have been corrupt. Corruption began at the top and the lower levels started following it.

    I would strongly support Ramdobaba not joining hands with any political party. He should be on his own if he really wants to change something.

    My vote for next election is reserved.

  3. Kida: If you ask me, I think Baba Ramdev doesn’t yet have any plans to enlighten the society. Every one thinks he can change the world. Indeed every one can. But not all have the plan ready. I dont know if Baba Ramdev have the plan. If he has and he is successful in implementing it, I’m all ears, hands and legs. I’m also willing to join active politics and help him in whichever way I can.

    PS: Thanks for the good words. The header is designed by Harshad Bhai, tagline is by yours truly

  4. @The Big K: Yes I agree the corruption started at the higher level. But look at the majority. The country is not full of ministers. It is full of people like you and me. We dont want corrupt practices. Yet some where or the other we indulge in them. Baba’s gya is all about enlightening the masses, not the system. Let him use it to improve the lower strata. I’m sure the effect will be phenomenal.

  5. I’d rather believe if Ramdeobaba joins government and makes the administration powerful, the corruption would end.

    People would stop jumping signals if the police starts catching every damn signal jumper and fine them.

  6. @K: The situation today is that none of us are disciplined. making the administration powerful will not be easy. Ramdev Baba will have to work within boundaries if at all he comes to power. Moreover it will be improbable to expect him to just turn things around overnight.

    But the way he spread Yogabhyas, I guess he can enlighten the masses as well. I suggest him to start from there. Let the people know what he wants to do… and why they should follow him. If the majority is awake, the politicians will bow.

  7. Mayur, Innocent people like you are best bargains for any Baba. Be is Ramdev or Shyam Dev. I am sure you would not be aware of what Yoga is and how selling it like a commodity would affect the overall health of this planet. I intivite you and your good freinds to read some mind boggling, informative articles on Yoga and Pranayama before you collectively decide whether Baba should be supported in politics or should be sentenced to death 🙂

    I have read it all on and I am not denying now that “Pranayama is killing people”… I have many examples around me who are sufferring badly just because Baba’s TV show became their Guru.

    Ach. Agyaatdarshan is right in opposing the very idea of populrizing Yoga through TV and he has good logic for it.. only when you decide to go through his lovefilled words.

    – Sanjay

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