A Request to all Patrons

  1. Lot of readers appreciate my stories. Lot of them curse it or criticise it as well. But most of them dont comment here. They ping on gtalk or mail me or tell me personally. I request you all to throw your brick bats or offer flowers in the form of comments on the blog itself. It will help me. Kindly!  🙂
  2. Lot of people also give me ideas or tell me their stories. They predict the outcome of the stories at times (Geez! It gives me a feeling that I write suspense love stories). I welcome them all. If you have observed, there is a tab for ‘Love stories’ on the main menu of the blog (third tab). Please comment on it and put your ideas there. I’ll be more than happy to oblige with a story on it. If you want me to give me an idea about how the story will shape up, you are more than welcome to do so.
  3. I like guest posts. Send me an email or put a comment on ‘About Mayur’ tab. Bring them on.

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