On Rahul’s Marriage

Rahul Mahajan, you see! Let me clear the air!

While I’m writing this post, Rahul’s Swayamwar (or shaadi?) is being telecasted live on NDTV Imagine. I have been quiet about the entire episode of ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le jayenge’. But looking at the fatso Ram Kapoor talking to the prospective brides forced me to write this post. He asked each of them about their reaction if in case Rahul doesn’t select them tonight. One of them gave a diplomatic answer, another girl said she’d be shattered and some how managed to hold her tears while the third one cried even before she could answer.

I must say, it takes great courage and guts to get married through a competition telecasted live on television. And I’m not even talking about the fake rituals and the entire circus called elimination rounds. I pity these girls. I think they are too sweet and young to go through this.

Sigh! Indian Television


2 thoughts on “On Rahul’s Marriage

  1. Do yourself a favour, change the channel to Discovery/Nat Geo/History/Animal Planet/Music/Sport/News (and by news I mean news, not Aaj Tak, India TV and other crap) or do anything else like exercise or read etc the next time you have the urge to watch such a program.

  2. aap shayad ye point consider nahi kar rahe ho. These girls genuinely nominated themselves to be a part of this show. No one forced them . Hence atleast for me I dont find a reason why some pity needs to be shown towards.
    Moreover, I feel all are fake, we watched one episode in which they write up their personal daries and gave up.

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