GPOW: Tiger (in the) Woods

This a contribution from my father Dhananjay Pathak. The photo has been taken in Tadoba National Park, again near Nagpur. Time is morning 7:30 am.


8 thoughts on “GPOW: Tiger (in the) Woods

  1. Nice picture, I remember him telling me that he and his group had spotted a few tigers during their last visit.

    @Pal: You should see a Leopard, you would be blown away by its beauty especially a Snow Leopard, though their sightings are very rare. And correction, Lions are called majestic, personally though I like Tigers better than Lions and both are kings of their turf.

  2. By the way the camera is a 2006 make Nikon Coolpix series L2 with just a 38-116mm lens . It was taken at the highest resolution from a distance. I cropped the image.

  3. 🙂 Last year i went like 15 times to pench, once to Tadoba and once to Kanha. I have never seen a tiger though. U have to be very very lucky to see a tiger. Its a great pic. I am planning a trip to kanha this month. Hope i will be lucky this time ;).

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