GPOW: Butterflies

Image Courtesy: Ajay Kalashikar

This is an interesting picture from Ajay, fellow blogger and an old friend. Location is Pench National Park (near Nagpur). Time is around 8am in the morning. Even this one has been taken from a mobile camera (Sony K810i). This is a series of 7 pictures. Put a comment here if you are interested to see them.

7 thoughts on “GPOW: Butterflies

  1. Looks like Ajay’s images are a hit. He has sent me another one. I’ll post it next week too. If you want to see all his images, I’m sure he will be more than eager to send them.

    Ajay, what say? I didn’t know this hidden talent of yours.

    PS: sushthoughts=Ajay

  2. 🙂 Yeah i will be very happy. For good pics, you need to be at right place on right time. I was just lucky enough to take these pics. I will keep sending you my pics.

    By the way, thanks for posting my pics.

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