Guest POW

Some of the readers who have liked and commented on my ‘Picture of the week’ had also sent me photographs they had taken and wanted me to post it on the blog. I welcome the move. Every one has a photographer inside them. I’m more than eager to post such beautifully taken pictures  on the blog. I’ll soon put the first one and will continue to do so as and when people send me their photos. Just be careful about the following rules though-

  • The photograph has to be taken by you.
  • Along with the photo, you will also have to tell me where you took the picture and at what time. If you have a story behind it, I’m all ears.    🙂
  • The picture should not contain any objectionable matter such as pornography, accidents, blood, nudity (not even aesthetic and artistic nudity), racist or violent images.
  • By sending me the picture for the POW category, you are allowing me to publish it and retain the publishing rights for the image. However the copy rights and the original ownership rights on the image will remain with you.
  • If the above rules are violated, I’ll have you remove the images.

So are you ready? Bring the images on.

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