Maxmayur’s Omelette Making Classes

How easy is to make an Omelette? Heat a flat pan, pour the egg yolk, spray a bit of salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste, remove when done and eat it with bread, sauce or the way you like it. Well, let me teach you how I make an omelette.  It is like a competition between you and you. Just for gags!

Round 1: Put the pan up for heating. Conveniently forget to soften the flame (this is important). Try making a hole in the egg shell. Is it too small for the yolk to come out? Ty harder. And the egg breaks on your palm. Sadly since the yolk didn’t make it to the pan, you lost round one.

Round 2: Your pan is already getting heated up on. So you just concentrate on breaking the egg, err… making a hole in the shell. Make sure you hold the egg really close to the pan so that the egg falls on the pan. But be careful, the pan must be hot. So try breaking the egg just enough. Still 30% of the yolk falls outside of the pan. Shit! You say. You concentrate on cleaning the fallen yolk for next 2 minutes, only to realise the ‘possible’ omelette is now burnt… thanks to the overheated pan. Round 2 too lost, badly.

Round 3: Now this is the last egg you have. So you apply your brain. you break the egg shell in a container and then pour it on the pan. You control the flame so that it doesn’t get over heated. You spray salt and pepper. You decorate the plate by some sauce, 2 pieces of tomatoes and soft sandwich bread. By now the omelette is ready. You put that on the plate too and take pride in your achievement. Round 3 is won.

Congratulations. You can now make an omelette.

8 thoughts on “Maxmayur’s Omelette Making Classes

  1. Mayur, you forgot to add a footer to this post… this article is only meant for boys who don’t know entering kitchen is more than breaking eggs into a pan!

    There is an easier way to make an omlette and that too a fluffy one with less oil and great taste…. 😉

    Lage Raho…!

  2. Hey Mayur. Good to see this post.
    Well, I will take out some time to read it and will also cross-check with my wife on the same. ( She makes good Omelettes )

    I might even come up with some suggestions for you to make them better 🙂

  3. Here is how I make omelette.
    1. Break two large (or 3 medium sized) eggs in a cup and add a splash of milk, salt and chili powder.
    2. Whip well
    3. Heat up the pan and start looking for onions, papper (capsicum), green mirchi, spinach and whatever I can find. Any type of cheese shredded is needed.
    4. Spray the pan with PAM spray (adding oil and trying to spread it is too much of work for me)
    5. Pour whipped eggs in the pan, spread evenly and start cutting vegetables
    6. Pour all vegetables and cheese shreds on one side of the omellete
    7. FOld it
    8. Remoev from the pan to the plate

    No sauce or bread…this omellette is 300 calories and is a meal in itself.

    I hated this stuff for several years but now I like it for its easy and quick recipe…and not to forget its ability to make you eat some vegetables!

    Scrambled Eggs
    1. Pour very small amount of oil in wok (kadahi) and fire the flame.
    2. Cut one small potato (I’m too lazy to peel it)
    3. Put them in the kadahi and give it a stir.
    4. Wait for 3-4 minutes for it to get cooked
    5. Add some green chilis
    6. Find any vegetables in the Fridge, cut them and add to the kadahi
    7. break 2-3 eggs (in a cup…so you don’t accidently drop shells in the kadahi)
    8. Add eggs to the kadahi and stir vigorously
    9. Aaaghh…forgot to add some salt…so add it while you can
    10. Reduce the flame and stir once more
    11. Remove to plate and start eating…
    Around 300 calories of healthy stuff and good proteins and carbs

    Approach cooking and sex with reckless abandon.

  4. Thanks for your recipe Nitin. What you are telling is an omelette and an ‘Anda Bhurjee’

    PS: I know how to make an omelette. I cook good food. The post above was meant to be a pun. Just for gags.

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