My Name is Bomb

… and now I go off in Pune.  Bruwwaaahhhaaaahhhhaaa!

I think that is how the perpetrators are laughing at this moment. A bomb went off in the upmarket locality of Koregaon Park in Pune yesterday night. Intelligence, it is said and as always, had the sniff of the things to happen. But again, as always, it couldn’t stop the bomb from going off. History repeats itself, only the location changes.

… and our esteemed police force was busy protecting the movie theatres from the Shiv Sena vandals to ensure the safe release of ‘My Name is Khan.’

… and now the blame game begins. Shiv Sena and the opposition versus the Government of Maharashtra. Common man is the referee.

Come, terrorists! We are busy shoeing away Bhaiyyas and Biharis out of Mumbai, protecting movie releases, criticising Australians, banning valentines days, taking bribes… we are ready for another attack.


9 thoughts on “My Name is Bomb

  1. yeah I fail to understand that why do we give so much importance to SRK and waste our money, energy on stopping his films from releasing and lifting off the ban… ITS RIDICULOUS!

  2. if this was a criticism of anything else, i would have had a haertely laugh. but Alas!! this is about us, we The INDIANS. I guess we always ahd a problem with priorities. We give improtance toa ll wrogn things, thus missing out big time on the ‘WE-NEED-IMPORTANCE’ things.
    Is this all political scene, where one always tend to divert attention and be alreat on wrong things?? What makes one be so foolish (the S company) and the gov – for putting up with SRK and neglect the basic common man. Only SRK vote will not make them win elections? its we right? we should be their first priority right? then why not are we???

  3. Thats the point. Forget the government officials. Have a look around yourself and all the lethargic Indians around you at the helm of (some) power. Have a look at YOU (me included). We all suck at prioritising things. And then we suck big time in acting on the priorities.

  4. A Politician we will make an issue out and over languages/religion/caste/ and a zillion other things even a movie!!! but never does anything about these explosions that kill and injure so many each time.

    Are they not worth more than headline in the paper ?? We are mere spectators…it could even be me or any one of you next time ever thought?

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